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Starting a Business After Being Laid Off

After getting laid off, pushing to return to the corporate world is not your only option. Starting your own business is actually a smart strategic move for your career prospects and your mental health—which likely took a big hit when you lost your...

Pandemic Threatens Progress for Mothers in the Workforce. We Will Not Allow It.

A letter from our CEO and Co-Founder, Sharon Kan Dear fellow mother,

Best Support Services for Your Kids (and You)

There are many options out there to help your child (and you) be more successful this fall. Other moms are particularly well equipped to create solutions that will actually work for your family. These mom business owners (and Pepperlane Members)...

6 Inspiring Movies about Mom Entrepreneurs

Hollywood loves to make movies about mom entrepreneurs because—as we are wells  aware at Pepperlane—these stories at SO INSPIRING! We hope you will see a bit of yourself in these real and fictional mothers who are building businesses on their own...

From Laid Off to Back On Track - Anna's Journey to Pepperlane

"Getting laid off was a huge blow to my confidence. I’ve always had pride in my career, and no longer being wanted by my employer made me question my value. As I was processing what this meant for my career, I took the leap to start my own business,...

Step Out of Line! Podcast Ep. 4 - A Conversation with Saeed Arida

In Episode 4 of Step Out Of Line!, our host, Sharon Kan sits down with Saeed Arida, Founder and Chief Excitement Officer of NuVu Studio. 

Online Networking: Tips, Tricks, and Strategies from our Community

There is an art to effective networking and this remains true when you are connecting with people online. As many of us move into virtual spaces for events (like our Pepperlane Boosts) and community, knowing how to have a productive online...

Step Out of Line! Podcast Ep. 3, Part 2 - A Conversation with Nataly Kogan

In Episode 3: Part 2 of Step Out Of Line!, our host, Sharon Kan continues her conversation with Nataly Kogan, artist, storyteller and the founder of the Happier method.