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Now Streaming: Step Out of Line! Podcast with Sharon Kan

From Sharon Kan, CEO and Co-Founder of Pepperlane… Today I am excited to share with all of you my new podcast Step Out Of Line! This podcast stems from my curiosity about why people take turns in their lives, and how they think about following...

How to Grow … When Business is Slow

When the going gets tough, the tough gets creative.

Providing Exceptional Service During Concerning Situations

Preparing for the unexpected is an inherent part of being a business owner and a mom. Honestly, dealing with whatever comes our way as mothers is one of the greatest skills we can use in business. 

Pepperlane Round-Up: Top Social Media Time-Saver Apps

There’s no doubt you have a lot on your plate. Between being a busy mom and running a business, there are honestly no extra hours in the day. 

Boston Globe: Busy Middle-Class Families Look to 'Household Managers'

Increasingly, the demands women face to "do it all" are making moms look for extra hands to help get it all done. The role of 'household manager' has, as a result, begun to increase in demand and is becoming an essential tool in the arsenal of...

Capturing the Right Photos for Your Business

When it comes to your marketing strategy, there are few things as important as great visuals. The phrase “a picture says a thousand words” has never been more relevant. Now more than ever, buyers want to have a meaningful connection with the...

Spending Too Much Time and Money on Marketing?

Let’s set the scene: You’ve taken a big step and launched a business that fits into your #momlife. You’re pumped about setting out on your own and you’ve got some great people cheering you on. You launch your business and start trying to attract...

HubWeek Feature: Lessons from One of the Top Female Leaders in Tech - Gail Goodman

Pepperlane Chief Product Officer Gail Goodman joined HubWeek to kick off their first Curated Conversations of 2020. HubWeek Co-founder and Managing Director of The Boston Globe Linda Henry hosted Gail for a chat about her years of experience as...

Members Who Mean Business Spotlight: Chef Lauren D’ Agostino

For chef Lauren D’Agostino, the journey from pastry chef and cake creator to plant-based chef and author was a path paved in personal growth and self-discovery. Today, she’s preparing to launch her second cookbook, Cooking with Essential Oils (...

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