Step Out of Line! Podcast Ep. 5 - A Conversation with Tzurit Or


Want to see what a hero looks like? Look no further than the Founder and Owner of Tatte Bakery and Café, Tzurit Or. Despite her business being deeply impacted by COVID-19, she has managed to keep all her 1,000 employees and give to healthcare workers and families in need. 

In the final episode of Season 1 of Step Out Of Line!, our host, Sharon Kan sits down with Tzurit Or. The original episode was recorded days before the outbreak of Coronavirus. Tzurit’s entire story is important for you to hear, but we also went back to her to see who she and her business were holding up. You are going to be as inspired as we were...Tzurit is a true leader.

Sharon and Tzurit discuss the journey from Tzurit’s hometown in Israel to the founding and growth of Tatte. Tzuirt focuses on the importance and centrality of family and community in guiding the direction of Tatte, and as a driving force that continues to push her to build places, and cook food, that bring people together.

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Written by Team Pepperlane

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