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Get the Most Out of Your Marketing- 5 Simple Ways to Win


If you’re looking for another boring list of the 1000 marketing things you absolutely must do right now—think creating YouTube channels, showing up on every social media site, starting a podcast, branding, SEO tactics, etcetera—  then you’ve come to the wrong place. 

Instead, we’re here to tell you how to get more from doing less. After all, there are only so many hours in the day to get the word out about your small business and trying to do it all will leave you burned out and emotionally exhausted. 

We’re here to give you permission to focus on what matters with five simple, effective marketing strategies that will help you make the most of every dollar and minute you put in to your business. 

Before you begin marketing, the most important step is to get clear on your target audience, know EXACTLY what makes you and your business uniquely valuable to your clients, and craft the perfect elevator pitch — a one liner you can use in all of your marketing efforts to get the gears turning. We also suggest that you create a core group of raving fans. This will help you guarantee that you have a service that people love, and is the foundation you need to get the most of your marketing efforts. 

Got that down? Ok, let’s begin!

1) Tap into your existing network

In business, relationships truly are everything. Begin by creating a list of people you know from all areas of your life, but be sure to prioritize connections that are your ideal customer or connected to your ideal customer.

Start with who you know. Everyone has a network from past jobs, other parents you meet through your kids activities, friends of friends, and social events. Think outside the box here and you’ll probably think of people that you hadn’t considered before. 

Remember to treat your network like you would a close friend — don’t just reach out when you need something. Offer value first, always connect and respond to feedback, and in return for your efforts your network will have your back for the long haul. 

2) Create a virtual storefront

These days most of us do the bulk of our marketing online which has many benefits, but also means we have to ensure that we can be found and that our customers can quickly understand who we serve and how we can solve a problem for them. This “online storefront” also works for you 24/7 to help get clients through the door and ready to work with you.

At Pepperlane, we make this step really easy by providing a full profile to all of our members, saving the time and stress of creating a website as you’re getting your business up and running. If you already have an existing website, your Pepperlane profile acts as an additional way for customers to find you via our marketplace. It’s instant SEO that you don’t even have to think about. All you need to do is make sure your profile is packed with great info about what you do, testimonials, and an overview of your services! 

3) Build urgency to book

Creating urgency is an approach that everyone from big brands to one person shops can use to get potential clients to click the buy button faster. 

The best way to create urgency is through scarcity. You’ve probably seen messaging like ‘limited spots available” or “limited time only” or a discount offered for a short window of time. These are great examples of scarcity, and if you’re talking to the right customers they’ll want to get what you’re offering right now so that they don’t miss out. 

4) Partner with content creators

Creating content can quickly zap your precious hours of work time. Fortunately, there are so many content creators out there who you can simply join forces with to get the word out about what you do. 

Who should you partner with? Look for bloggers and podcasters who provide content to your target audience. Offer to be a guest on their podcast or write a value packed article based on your expertise. Other options include hosting a local community event, or offering to speak at an event that is already planned. 

5) Become a co-marketing pro

Co-marketing partnerships are an easy way to land new clients, and create quick wins for one another. To set these up, go back to your network list in #1, or, do some research to find service providers that work with a similar clientele, but don’t offer competing services-- aka “parallel partners.” Hint: you’ll find a lot of these in our marketplace

For instance, maybe you’re a home organizer who has partnerships with a realtor and moving companies. Or, an events business who has a graphic designer and meal prep partners. 


This week, pick one of these five tips to focus on to set yourself up for marketing success!

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Written by Team Pepperlane

The Pepperlane team is a group of women who are leaders, entrepreneurs and mothers.

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