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Laid Off? How to Stay in the Game Through Self-Employment


The responsibility to keep a family safe and sane during extended stay-at-home orders often falls largely on mothers. Many mothers who had carefully balanced work and family care are now faced with managing it all with little or no outside support. Then, layer on losing a job her family needs, and the pressure can become unimaginable. Yet this is the reality for millions of mothers nationwide.

We are committed to helping these mothers get back on their feet and earn an income. At Pepperlane, we strongly believe that now, more than ever, self-employment is a viable solution. This is not another MLM proposition. We serve as a guide for mothers who want to create any business that fits their skills and interests. And we’ve analyzed current market trends, so we know that companies need to cut costs AND fill skill gaps. Qualified self-employed individuals will be well-positioned to fill this need.

When our CEO and Co-Founder, Sharon Kan, saw the unemployment rate sky-rocketing, she felt compelled to take action. “We can’t mass produce masks or invent a vaccine—that’s not our business. But what we can do is support the millions of mothers who have lost their jobs. We know how to do that! They are suffering and our mission is to help every one of them.” 

This is why we are proud to announce the creation of A Roadmap from Laid Off to Self-Employed, a robust program that helps professional women explore the idea of self-employment and provides a prescriptive plan for how to be successful. Participants get access to experts, support from a network of women already running small businesses, and online tools that will help them launch quickly. 

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Gail Goodman, former CEO of Constant Contact and Pepperlane CPO & Co-Founder, is helping lead the charge: “Choosing self-employment is a smart call right now. Large companies have cut full-time roles but they still need skills and will be willing to hire consultants to fill gaps. It is a good way to bring in income. You can decide if it is a long-term shift, or a temporary change. Either way, it keeps you moving forward.”

Since 2016, Pepperlane has helped thousands of mothers turn their business dreams into reality. With a marketplace, business courses, and a generous and dedicated community, we help women build businesses that work for them and their families. As Sharon says, “We are in this together—At Pepperlane mothers will help mothers get back on their feet.”

The program kicks off with a free webinar on May 4th. For details, visit pepperlane.co/self-employment-webinar

Written by Team Pepperlane