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4 Tips for a Productive Summer


With schools wrapping up for the year, this is a transition time for you and your family. Even though your kids have likely been home since March, there will still be a big shift in schedule and mindset with the end of the school year. If this change has got you feeling stressed about how you will stay focused on your business, you aren’t alone. Our team at Pepperlane is also trying to figure out how this change will impact our schedules. 

To help you create a plan for a successful summer for both your kids and your business, we are sharing some of the tips and resources our team has found helpful.

4 Tips for a Successful Summer Strategy

Tip #1 (and the most important): Remember, you will figure this out! 

Just like you figured it out when school closed because of Coronavirus, or any other time your family’s situation drastically changed, you will be able to create a plan that works for your business and your family. With some creativity, patience and maybe some research, you’ll manage to find ways for your kids to be engaged and allot time for your business. How to do this might not be clear to you at this moment, but trust yourself that you will figure it out...you always do.

Tip #2: Set your goals for the summer

What are some realistic goals you can reach for this summer? By identifying your goals, you’ll know the direction you are heading in the coming months. We recommend picking no more than three goals for your business and three for your family. Make sure they are actionable, and realistic. 

Tip #3: Spend a little time to save a lot of time 

Summer is long. If you invest some time in your business upfront, you can get ahead and make things easier on yourself in the coming months. 

  • There are lots of tools available that help small businesses run more smoothly. We’ve done the research for you, so you can jump right into working these ideas into your business. 
  • While social media is a critical marketing tool, it can become a major time suck if you don’t plan ahead. Pepperlane created the 15 Minutes to Social Media Success guide which will help you map your social strategy. Click here for our tips on creating high-engagement posts every day, without spending a lot of time.
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Tip #4: Consider some extra support 

You may feel like you have to do everything yourself, as a business owner and as a mom. But that is simply not true. Pepperlane boasts a big list of business owners that can help you with your business or family. We know that money may feel tight, but spending on services that will move your business forward is a good investment. And spending to help you and your family be more comfortable and happy is definitely money well spent. Here are some round-ups for helpful services:

We hope you have a fun and productive summer! Tell us what tips and practices work best for you. 

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Written by Team Pepperlane

The Pepperlane team is a group of women who are leaders, entrepreneurs and mothers.

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