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The Power of Pepperlane Profiles


A Pepperlane profile is a powerful tool for your business. Since the first profile was published back in 2019 we have continued to refine and update them to what they are today. Your Profile makes it easy for customers to find your business, learn what you are offering, and connect with you. Think of it as an initial point of contact with a potential client that has the ability to help you make an amazing first impression. Our members love their profiles for the great SEO (search engine optimization) boost to their business, the new clients they reach with their profile, and how easy it is for a client to get in touch with you. Oh and did we mention that you can get your's up in 15 minutes? They are just that easy to start, edit, and keep up to date.


SEO Performance

From the start, your profile is designed to highlight everything you’d want an interested client to know in one easy place. Your profile is listed in our Member Directory, which actually helps you get better SEO results because of the quality of traffic that goes to our Member Directory. Modern search engine algorithms avoid fake, un-helpful information, so they’re constantly scanning for what is real and valuable.

Here are a few tips that can help boost your profile’s visibility:

  • Stick to the useful information for your page.  
  • When selecting your profile’s URL make it clear and specific (using your first and last name is a great option).
  • Use text that is easy to read and matches the subject of the page. Use natural language (something you might actually say in person) that isn’t stuffed full of keywords (for example don’t put “Small Business Graphic Designer” in every sentence). Be strategic about where you put these keywords like in your title, and the first sentence of your “About” section.

It's powerful! More powerful than my own website. Right after March 2020, I received a message from someone who attend my presentation. They couldn't find my contact information and Googled me. My Pepperlane Profile came up first and they contacted me through it." - Nancy Zare, Owner of Rapport Builderz

Reaching New Clients

Karen Baker

"Pepperlane has completely changed my business. I started KB Custom Photobooks in 2011 through local referrals. When I joined Pepperlane my business grew nationally and by at least 500%. Being part of Pepperlane with its large membership has created an online awareness I never had with my personal website." - Karen Baker, Owner of KB Custom Photobooks


In today’s online world of scrolling through apps and quickly skimmed articles it is important to use the few seconds you get with each visitor to capture their attention and tell them what they need to know right away. To make a lasting first impression with your Pepperlane Profile you want to make sure to communicate to your customer what you do, where you are, how much your services cost, and who you are. The layout of your profile is designed to bring these important things right to the top.

Here are a few tips to help you with creating a great profile:

  • Use your headline to give a short description of what you do.
  • Make sure to fill out your service area so people know where you are located and who can work with you (for example: remote, Greater Boston, Brooklyn NY, or anyone in New England).
  • When listing your services, use short and descriptive service titles, photos that are catchy and show your services or you in action (avoid stock photography if possible), and have your pricing clear.
  • When you are writing your service descriptions be concise, write for scanners by varying sentence length and structure, and use facts over cliches.
  • Use bullet points when possible for easy scanning.


So Many Ways People Can Connect with You

Anyone who finds your Pepperlane Profile can reach out to you directly through your page. Whether they are a fellow Pepperlaner you met at a Boost or event, or someone who found you through a Google search, anyone can message you about your business. You can also link your website, social media accounts, and your scheduling applications to your profile so visitors can learn more about your business and drive traffic to your other sites. When you publish your profile it is automatically added to our searchable Member Directory, which is a powerful tool to help Members and interested clients find you on the Pepperlane site. 

Easy to Setup and Edit

Setting up your Pepperlane Profile is really easy and can be done in as little as 15 minutes. You just need 1 service to list on your profile to get started. Our profile editor has an easy to follow checklist of everything you need to complete before publishing, and each field and section has prompts to help explain what type of content you should include. As you continue to build your profile you can add in multiple services, testimonials for each service, and items in your portfolio section to show completed works that you have done in the past.

Once your profile is published you can always add more, or edit what you already have. We have streamlined the edit/preview/publish experience, so you can work faster than ever (who doesn’t love that!?) As you are working on your profile your progress will automatically be saved, so you can always go back to a previous version.


Susan Trotter with Books

"It was very easy to set up the Pepperlane Profile and there was immediate support from the PL Team if I had any questions. It was actually also fun to create and it helped me get organized as well." - Susan Trotter PH.D., Relationship Coach



Here are a few tips for setting up and editing your profile:

  • Use the checklist in the profile editor to make sure you have completed all of the important fields in your profile you need to publish.
  • Pay attention to the prompts in each field, they make it easy to know where to put different types of information about your services.
  • Be thoughtful when writing your "About Me" section. This is a place prospective clients will look.
  • Check on your profile every 3-4 months and keep it up to date.


Want to get your Pepperlane Profile published? Join the Pepperlane Community as a Trial Member and get access to all our member benefits for 1 month totally free.

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If you have any feedback or questions as you start creating and editing your profile send us an email! We love hearing from you. 

Written by Team Pepperlane

The Pepperlane team is a group of women who are leaders, entrepreneurs and mothers.

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