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October is Women’s Small Business Month and you’re our reason for celebrating

It’s all in the title. To celebrate the last 10 days of this awesome month, we brought together a dream team of Pepperlane businesses to offer their services to help you be YOUR best. We’re awarding our Women’s Small Business Giveaway to one lucky Pepperlane member at random!

What’s included?

Business coaching with Rebecca Moore: Fine-tune your objectives and build the confidence to go (or grow) for it! (15-minute intro session plus 1-hour strategy session)

Uncover your distinct value session with Robyn Mather: Know how to position your natural advantages into messages that help you get clients, get hired and get ahead. (45 minutes)

Social media consulting with Stephani Roberts: Learn the basics and how to maximize your impact for your business. (1-hour Zoom call recorded, so you can revisit later!)

Accounting guidance with LuSundra Everett: Understand how to set yourself up for tax success. (1 hour)

Customer service assistance with Zoe Pirnie: Help setting up appointments and following up with customers. (3 hours)

How to enter?

It’s simple. Sign up for Pepperlane, work on your Pepperlane website with an approved service to sell and make sure you’ve hit "Apply to Sell" before the end of October (the 31st at midnight Pacific Time, to be exact, for you West Coast people!). You can start your Pepperlane website from your dashboard, where it clearly shows what pieces you need to have in order to apply. 

If you’ve already applied to sell on Pepperlane, you’re automatically entered.

You’ll also get one additional entry for each person who you refer to sell her services on Pepperlane (she’ll just need to mention your name as the referral source when she signs up). We’ll notify the winner on November 1st!

Full contest terms are here

Do I need to be in Massachusetts?

No! These services can all be offered via phone or video chat, so we welcome business owners from all over the U.S. to apply and have a shot at winning. And it’s a great reason to share Pepperlane with your friends in other states who have been looking to get involved!

Is this a good fit for my business?

YES. Whatever stage you’re in, we think this collection of services will give you the boost you need to take the next steps and go farther. That’s why we made apply to sell our entry point: things don’t have to be perfect when you apply and taking the step to start is something that should be celebrated! Even if you don’t win, each of these experts will be sharing their tips and tricks on our blog in the coming month so you still get the boost you need.

If you’re thinking about starting your business or are just getting off the ground

Your session with Rebecca will help you identify your strengths and goals and build confidence, Robyn will guide you through presenting yourself effectively for your very first customers, Stephani will make sure you spend your time on the social media channels that can help you most, LuSundra will make sure questions about taxes aren’t an obstacle to starting,  and Zoe will make sure that administrative details don’t have to bog you down.

For businesses who have been at it longer

Rebecca will help you outline goals and work towards them, Robyn’s branding guidance is sure to make your existing messaging that much better, Stephani will help you spend your time on social media most effectively, LuSundra can identify areas for improvements in your tax practices, and Zoe will bring some organization to areas of chaos.

Now go ahead and get started! Or spread the word to another friend you know who has been thinking about starting! Let’s make these last 10 days of Women’s Small Business Month awesome.