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3 Simple Strategies to Convert More


Starting a business is an incredible feat. The pride you should feel after putting in countless of hours into your website, filling out the correct paperwork, and meeting with the right people who helped your dream become a reality is really quite amazing.  

However, while all of that is great - it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The real challenge lies in converting your leads as they visit your website to learn more about your product/service.

In this article, I’ll reveal three strategies that I tell my clients when they ask how to lead buyers down the funnel toward conversion.

Love the process of listening

The first and most important strategy in sales is active listening.  

The leads you speak with will tell you exactly what will close the sale -- but you have to be listening more than you are speaking in order to hear it.  

In order to do this, I suggest that you prepare specific questions before every conversation. It will help you have an authentic conversation that builds trust. This is because in today’s muddled marketplace, people want to be around and buy from those that listen. Personally, I never talk first -- I always ask as many questions about the other person before, if ever, I talk about myself.

At my company, FundedBuy, I connect people with business services -- so day in a day out, it’s imperative that I understand their needs so that I can match them with the right services. What I found was that initially, people weren’t willing to fully give that information up if I asked generic questions. But preparing very targeted questions helped speed that process along. Looking back on this, I believe this works because leads appreciate the due diligence salespeople put into their questions and will open up more if the questions are tailored to them.

When you ask the right questions, it makes listening much easier.  

Love the process of making money

It’s not easy asking people for money. At its core, asking for money brings out doubt and insecurity about oneself. I’ve heard people ask themselves,

“Am I good enough to ask for more money? Who will want to pay for this?”

This basic, but often a big hurdle, is something that women who launch their own business face. They are tentative in asking for money and they don't embrace the joy and fun of making money. They limit their own success.  

When I first started my coaching business I looked online for typical coaching rates and then challenged myself to charge more. My rates increased, my clients grew, and new/better opportunities presented themselves to me that wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t fall in love with the process of making money.

Your time, your skillset, and your value is more than you will ever know.  Go ahead and know that it’s okay to ask for the money. :)

Frame the sale as an investment

The last and most important aspect of helping convert a lead is to tie your selling point to their pain point (saving time, saving money, feeling special or more beautiful, increasing energy, etc.) and then frame it as an investment in solving that pain point.  

What do I mean? Here’s an example:

"Your time is too valuable to waste bookkeeping everything yourself. By outsourcing your bookkeeping, you’ll get your time back, and invest in what you do best - building your business.”

"Hiring me as a branding coach will be a great investment in building your brand and making more sales."

Always remember that when trying to convert a lead it’s all about: Your selling point + their pain point + an investment in their pain point = conversion.

AND Remember...

Helping lead customers through the funnel comes down to understanding their needs through listening, not being afraid to ask for the sale, and then framing the sell as an investment. These three conversion tips have proven valuable for me and my clients -- I hope they do for you, too.

About Beth Schoenfeldt

Beth Schoenfeldt has been a friend and mentor to entrepreneurs around the world for over ten years, contributing to the launch of thousands of businesses. Beth has successfully launched four profitable businesses culminating in her latest venture: FundedBuy.




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