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Steps Towards Success


We’ve all heard it at one time or another.

That little voice that throws every possible objection at us just when we’re about to take a major step forward.

“Are you crazy? You don’t have the money to cover all the costs that come with starting a business."

“Where are you going to find time to run a business and take care of your family? You’re living in a fantasy world.”

“What if you fail? Do you have any idea how embarrassing that will be?”

While that little voice may be trying to protect us, finding a way to quiet the “but, but, buts” and extend beyond what’s comfortable is the only way to achieve our dreams.

In this series, we’ll explore overcoming self-doubt and turning ideas into action. We'll dive deeper into the blocks that may be holding you back and how you can overcome them.

Today, Von Marie Moniz, mom of two and rockstar event planner shares how she conquered her money fears to begin a now thriving business.

Steps towards success: Von Marie Moniz

Party planning always came naturally to Von.

“Growing up in a Hispanic home, we would always plan the parties ourselves from start to finish. I started out by helping my mom plan my Quince (a Hispanic version of Sweet 16). Then, I helped plan my sister's Quince, then my 21st birthday party and finally, my wedding,” she recounts. “I LOVED hearing all of the feedback from every party and seeing that someone else's joy is something that I enjoy.”

Von always had big dreams of opening up her own PR & marketing agency. But when her kids came along, the idea of opening her own business was put on hold indefinitely. Most of her concern had to do with startup costs.  

“Not having enough money always kept me from starting a business." 

But once she started exploring her feelings about what was holding her back, Von realized there were things she could do to start a business without shelling out a ton of money.

“The first thing that I did after deciding I wanted to go forward with my business was to obtain a business certificate. It was an inexpensive fee, about $60, but it was important for me to know that I had the right license in place. Even home-based business owners need to do this!”

After that, Von started up her free business Facebook Page. After a bit, she started to create Facebook promos, which are available for as little as a dollar a day.

Von ordered business cards through Vistaprint, which cost less than $10 for 100 cards. And then she got to networking. A huge step, she says.

“Networking and constantly creating content has proven to work for me. I was always very scared and nervous to be seen but it’s truly something that you HAVE to be comfortable with. You have to be able to take risks.”

Using these low-cost strategies, Von took major steps towards building her business without letting her fears interfere.

“Becoming a business owner is a big decision, but once you've made the decision to put yourself out there, make sure that you PUT yourself out there and stay committed. Whatever your fears are, make sure that it's not the fear of money or the fear of life getting in the way.

Thanks to Pepperlane, I've become a confident business owner, a confident mom, a confident wife, but most of all, I have rediscovered my self-confidence. When you exude self-confidence, others around you have no choice but to have confidence in you, too.”

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