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Pepperlane's CEO on NECN: "We changed the definition of 'success.'"

We’re very proud to share that the Pepperlane team recently appeared on NECN’s CEO Corner, talking about how Pepperlane is working to create more options for mothers to do meaningful work on their own terms.

Pepperlane’s Co-Founder and CEO Sharon Kan talked about how the startup is opening up entrepreneurship to the 40 million stay-at-home moms in America by helping them to redefine what success looks like so that they can build a business and a life they love -- on their terms.

“We embrace anyone that wants to start their own business, that’s really the philosophy of Pepperlane,” Kan said. “Not everyone would like to build the next Amazon… what Pepperlane did is, we changed the definition of success. We reframed that for every mother to make her own decision: what is success for her?”

See Sharon’s full segment below.

NECN’s program also featured two Pepperlane businesses owners, Jana Blanchette of JLB Custom Quilt and LuSundra Everett of Everett Tax Solutions, who shared how the Pepperlane platform has helped them to build and grow their own companies.

LuSundra Everett explained how Pepperlane has helped her adapt her tax preparation business to the needs of her family.

“I’m also an Army wife, so my business has to be able to be mobile,” Everett said. “So what Pepperlane has done is allowed me to connect with other women who are building a business just like I am.”

We’re grateful to Jana and LuSundra for sharing their experiences with NECN, and we believe their stories speak to what we’re working to do at Pepperlane: to build a community of talented women and a marketplace to showcase their unique and valuable services. We think that if we want to see a more supportive world for mothers, we need to build it ourselves. Through Pepperlane we want to create our own workplace, one that truly values our skills and fits into our lives, and one that allows us to create our own possibilities.That’s why we were also happy to share more with NECN about where we’re headed as a company and as a platform! We’re thinking big and we’re thrilled you’re with us along the way. Learn more about our roadmap and plans in the video below.