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Need to Give Your Business a Jolt?

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Whether it’s a steaming hot latte, a date with your favorite citrus scrub or cuddle date with your kiddos, every business mom has a trick or two up her sleeve that's her go-to when she needs to get herself energized to tackle her busy schedule.

We’re thrilled that some of our members have been finding inspiration in our live events have been sharing some amazing feedback with us that we wanted to pass along to you:

"I left feeling totally energized and really excited to spread the word about each and all of your businesses! It is not for the faint of heart, but today, I heard and bore witness to undeniable courage and passion. So inspiring!"

“Thanks for sharing your experiences and challenges with me. I thought I was alone and that my dream is too big; however, I now know that isn't the case. I hope to see you soon. Truly grateful!"

“It was absolutely wonderful to meet all of you and hear about all your business endeavors! I must say that the energy in the group is full of passion and strength."

While you already know that our Coffee Chats can help double your business, our members are finding how the benefits of participating in a Pepperlane live event reaches far beyond their bottom lines.

Wendy, a Pepperlane member and marketing pro, recently joined a Pepperlane Boost and was blown away by the group.

“The event itself was lovely as there was a solid cross-section of women of different ages and life stages all navigating their way towards a business of their own. Very inspiring!”

As a seasoned entrepreneur who is transitioning between businesses, Wendy didn’t have cards or any collateral at the ready.

“It left me feeling a little naked. But since then, I’ve put the pedal to the floor on that element and updated my website, put together a slide deck and am in the process of completing other pieces so that next time, I'll be better prepared.”

We’ve seen countless examples of women just like Wendy being inspired to follow through on all aspects of their business.

“As a result of Pepperlane events, I have seen everything from people being motivated to finish their Pepperlane website, to run with a business idea, to finding the confidence to pitch their business more succinctly, to collaborate on projects, and so much more.”

She’s amazed how every time she runs a face-to-face Pepperlane event, women from all sorts of different stages of life and business come together and form unbelievably strong bonds.

"Somehow the glue of being mothers and business owners works and by the end everyone is so connected. It’s like an oasis in the middle of a crazy week of balancing motherhood with work.”

When family photographer Cathy Pinch was thinking about attending her first Boost, it was the idea of camaraderie with other moms that gave her the push to get involved.

“The ‘mom’ aspect of Pepperlane made me want to connect with other business owners. Being able to start unique network with moms who are in the same boat as me...learning, growing and supporting each other sounded great.”

Cathy ended up connecting with some other members at her Boost that have turned into an online support group, of sorts.

“I have connected with other Boost members online. I’ve sent them ideas and suggestions, ‘thought of you’ type of messages. Making personal connections, talking face-to-face is the most powerful lead generator and marketing tool we have!”

Wendy, Cathy, and so many other Pepperlane members are creating energy around our live events in a way that's truly powerful and inspiring. 

We’d love to see you at your next local meetup so you can experience what all the buzz is about.

Will you join us? 

Join a Boost Event

Written by Team Pepperlane

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