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Need an Extra Pair of Hands? Hire or Help a Mom!


When you’re a mom, everyday chores from errands to laundry to meal prep can take up your entire day. When you’re a mom with a business… you’re lucky if you have time to change out of the clothes you slept in the night before!

Life doesn’t stop because you’ve decided to become an entrepreneur. But, rather than work yourself to the bone trying to keep the house presentable, the family happy and the leads coming in: STOP.


Then have an honest conversation with yourself about what you absolutely need to handle yourself, personally and professionally, and what you may be able to outsource.

To help you start your mental inventory, here are five tasks that our very own Pepperlane members can take off your hands.

1. Focus on lead gen, not your living room

According to the New York Times, people who spend money to buy themselves time, like outsourcing housecleaning, decluttering and/or meal prep, reported greater overall life satisfaction. When you’re happier, you can focus more on the things that bring you joy (like, running your own business). Consider bringing in a Pepperlane mom to chase away those dust bunnies so you can chase your next deal.

2. Delegate for success

As a new business owner, do you feel stronger in certain skill sets? Does marketing come naturally, while lead-generation or process-oriented tasks feel like they take forever? It may be more cost-effective to outsource certain parts of your business to other subject-matter experts so you can focus on your strengths.

For example, instead of spending hours and hours trying to teach yourself Photoshop, you could provide a little direction to a Pepperlane designer to create something beautiful in under an hour. Take advantage of the range of business services available so you can be more efficient with the limited time you have.  

3. Healthy body, healthy business

Exercise doesn’t just help you shed pounds, it improves cognitive function by increasing blood flow to your brain. That means a great workout can spur some seriously valuable ideation for your business. But if a trip to the gym seems as likely as buying a winning lottery ticket, bring the fitness home to you. Whether you need a personal trainer, an extra set of hands in the kitchen or some health and wellness coaching, you’ll find it all in our Pepperlane member ranks.   

4. Book time for your books

As you know, there have been some major changes to the tax code that have big implications for small businesses. That’s why hiring a small business accountant is a fantastic move. As you add clients to your roster (and maybe even employees to your payroll), a small business accountant will help you navigate your way through what can be complex terrain. As you might have guessed, there are several stellar Pepperlane bookkeepers and small business accountants who can help you get started.

5. Take on your wardrobe together

Have a client meeting... and a woefully outdated business suit? Don’t waste time rushing to the mall “just to see what’s there.” Hire a Pepperlane personal shopper or wardrobe stylist to pull together just the right look. Over time, you’ll build a closet of pieces you know look fantastic and love, and you may even get introduced to some new trends and styles you’d never have tried before.

So, are you ready to enlist some help? It’s easy! Just pop onto Pepperlane, punch in the service and city your looking for and start reaching out.  It’s one connection that could make all the difference in your business.

Written by Team Pepperlane

The Pepperlane team is a group of women who are leaders, entrepreneurs and mothers.

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