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Mothers, manage that mental load with Marie Levey-Pabst

If you've ever felt overworked, overwhelmed, and like you can't quite get a handle on life's many competing responsibilities (raises hand), Marie Levey-Pabst's service is for you. Through her business Create Balance, she works with busy working parents to reclaim their time and energy—she believes that we all have the right to create balance on our own terms, and to be in charge of how our time and mental space is used.

Read on to learn what led Marie to start her business and how you can win an hour with her for your very own "Get Organized" session! 

Why Marie Started Create Balance

Before I had children I was a pinnacle of organization and control. I always met my deadlines, had a clear to-do list, and was ambitious and driven in my career. I was going to be a leader in my field and have a nation-wide impact on the field of adolescent literacy

And then I had my first child.

I really was naive. I was so excited to have my son and to turn my partnership with my husband into a new type of family. I knew that life would be different after I added the role “mom” to my roles of teacher, wife, friend, and community member. I thought I could handle it all with a planner, a notebook, and a good sleep-tracking app.

I was really naive.

My world was turned upside down the day my son was born, and I was struggling to find equilibrium again.

When my daughter was born two years later I decided it was time to really figure some things out. I didn’t want to keep living a life where I was too frenzied to know what was happening around me and too busy to even know what moment I was in, let alone appreciate it and be able to store it in my memory. I often felt like I missed out on my son’s first two years not because I was physically absent, but because my mind and soul were too worn down to pay attention. I wanted to stop being a victim of a society that both glorifies and shames mothers, who says it values women who “do it all” but then provides some of the worst family leave policies in the world.

I was done trying to “find” balance in the crappy choices I was given. I was ready to Create Balance in my life on my terms.

From that drive (and the research and practice and learning that followed) I developed two systems that let me create a balanced life on my terms day after day:

  • The Organized Parent Organizational System

  • The Create Balance Method

These are the systems I use. These are the systems I teach. These are also the systems that tie together the Create Balance community of parents who are dedicated to creating balance on their terms and recognize that this journey is one that we go on collectively.
I still struggle. Some days are better than others. But I’ve created a pretty amazing map to guide me on this journey. And I’m excited to share that map, and a ton of other tools, with you.


I think we all need some of Marie's approach in our lives, and the good news is you could win a "get organized" session with her, thanks to our Mothers' Self-Care Giveaway. Enter below for a shot at it, plus four other self-care services from Pepperlane businesses. 

Pepperlane Mothers' Self Care Giveaway

In your one-hour session with Marie (worth $100), you'll discuss your mental load (learn more here!), make it visible, and then set up a system to keep that mental load out of your head. The result? More mental space to focus on what matters most to you.

Can't wait to see if you win? We understand. You can also get in touch with Marie now.