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Introducing Payments on Pepperlane: Get Paid, Faster!


Everything we do at Pepperlane is meant to support our mission of empowering mothers to start and grow businesses that fit into their lives. We’ve heard from many of our members that asking for money is awkward and figuring out how to actually accept payments is a pain, so we’ve recently added the capabilities to do just that—without having to leave Pepperlane.

We’ve partnered with Stripe, one of the largest secure payment processing platforms in the US, to allow you to securely, conveniently, and quickly request and receive payments from your customers, using all major credit and debit cards.

Why process customer payments through Pepperlane?

  • Some of you may already use cash, checks, or other third-party online payment tools with your customers, but there are several perks for using our Stripe-powered system:

  • No separate invoicing needed. The notes you input when you send the payment request to a customer can take the place of a traditional invoice.

  • You’ll automatically get an accurate record of the payments you’ve received, making it easy to track your total income. You can even track when a customer pays you via another method, like cash or check.

  • You’ll protect your customers. Our secure payment interface means there’s no need for you to handle or store customers’ sensitive payment information directly.

  • There’s no upfront cost. And Stripe’s low per-transaction fees (2.9% of transaction total plus $0.30) are automatically deducted from payments to further simplify your income reporting.

  • Automated follow up with customers. Testimonials and reviews are so important for marketing your service, and the confirmation email your customers get automatically remind them to review your service. One less thing for you to think about!  

You can learn more about payments setup and best practices in our comprehensive support guide.  This is a big step forward for the Pepperlane product and our mission to help you run your business and do what you love! We can’t wait to see you use it, and we’re excited for many great updates to follow this fall.

Written by Team Pepperlane

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