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How To Juggle Your Business, Family, and Personal Life from Work from Home Moms Who Are In It



Between building a business and caring for your kids, it can be hard to find the time to think about what you need, let alone scheduling time to follow through.

Trying to find a way to juggle your business, family, and life can be a puzzle that won’t be solved quickly, or without some concessions and grace with yourself. It can, honestly, feel impossible.

That’s why we’re introducing you to these five work from home moms who have tackled this juggling act head on.

While none of them would say she has everything figured out, each of them has figured out how to make this balance work so that the load is not overwhelming.

These moms will encourage you that you CAN do what you love each day, run a successful business, and be present with your family and in your personal life.

Corissa Saint Laurent, a professional, freelance speaker, who offers training workshops for female entrepreneurs and professionals. She believes the secret to her success is that she has found something she loves to do:

“When you don't like your work, it spills over into all aspects of your life, and you don't end up being present for any of it. Once you've found something you love, figure out how to make it into something people will actually want and buy. By loving what I do and finding purpose through it, I find joy and that directly affects my personal life.”

-Corissa Saint Laurent

No matter where you are in your business journey, the process of building your business and finding the right balance for family is ever-changing. The moms in our community are constantly growing and figuring out how they can build businesses that allow them the flexibility they want. Lozelle Mathai, of Closing Your Books and Body of Accounting, knows that the balance of business, family, and life is an ongoing process:

“I am always working on saying ‘NO,’ and analyzing if a business decision/opportunity is not only right for my business but is it also suitable for my family and personal life. Sometimes that money is just not worth it.”

- Lozelle Mathai

As a work from home mom, you will need to make tough decision and prioritize your time. Arianna Bradford has learned this lesson as she’s grown her photography business:

“Everything doesn't need to be done immediately. Allow yourself the grace to only get a few things done, and don't beat yourself up over having to migrate your to-do list to another day if need be; most times, you're the person putting the hardest deadlines on yourself.”

- Arianna Bradford

It can be easy to let your business and family force your personal life and self-care to the back burner. Kim Boaz, of Back to Basics Bookkeeping Service LLC, makes sure that she prioritizes time for herself to receive the support she needs:

“Surround yourself with like-minded people to help support you! I … belong to a couple other [groups] as each organization fills a need for me from motherhood to mom-owned business to being an accounting professional. We all need a tribe these days.”

- Kim Boaz

But, as Kelley Gardiner of Kelley Gardiner Content & Copy, poignantly said, the bottom line is this:

“If you’re juggling, put something down. I try to put really reasonable expectations on myself. Any work I get done during kid time—including naps—is bonus.

I schedule time for travel to the coffee shop, time to put the toddler down for a nap, time to do the dishes. We only have so much time in a week.”

- Kelley Gardiner

Don’t underestimate the value of a community to encourage you along, especially ones that understand the struggles of balancing work and home. Get in touch with other working moms, maybe even a few in your area, and try to arrange a meeting or get together so you can talk to one another and come up with ideas to help all of you out. (Or join one of our Pepperlane events- your first one is on us!)

But remember that it’s normal for this to be a work in progress. Have a tip that’s worked well for you? We’d love to hear it in the comments!

Photography by Tina Padron

Written by Rebecca Huron

Rebecca is a mom, wannabe entrepreneur, and perfectionist trapped in a chaotic world (aka the toddler years). Her background is in nonprofit fundraising and development, multi-channel marketing, and content strategy. As a new mom, she is committed to helping other working moms pursue their passions.