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How the Pepperlane Pathway Can Help You With Business Growth


Pepperlane was started when our founder, Sharon Kan, realized motherhood was good for business growth. After all, moms have so many skills and ingenious ideas and services they can offer the world. But as mothers, we're so busy, it's almost impossible to believe we can create something for ourselves. We’re willing to bet at some point you had a great idea about a business, but just need help knowing where to begin--or how to take it to the next level.

That’s why we started Pepperlane. To make that jump from business dream to reality with moms in mind. Mothers need the time, flexibility, and support to make our businesses flourish. So if you’re wondering if Pepperlane Pathway is for you, here’s how we can help you and your business.

Put Theory Into Practice

It’s not difficult to find gurus and courses that pump up their audience with motivational words of wisdom and small business marketing success stories. What’s harder is finding courses that actually take the foundational theories and tantalizing success stories, reverse engineer it, and puts it all into practice so you can figure out how to promote your business effectively. The Pepperlane Pathway offers both the cheerleaders you need in your life and business, as well as the practical steps to actually build and grow your business.

"Before Pathway I was overwhelmed with where to start, and found the daily content incredibly useful. Each day, I completed manageable assignments that helped me focus on growing my business. The practical lessons, support from Pepperlane staff, and feedback from my Pathway friends was invaluable. I now feel energized about my business, and can't wait for the next course!” says Pepperlane Pathway student Kimberly Lurie.

If you’re like most mothers, your To-Do list just never ends and you wonder what you really need to do today to gain momentum to really see business growth. That’s why we give you a path to find the success you’re looking for.

The Pepperlane Pathway course breaks down the issues that often overwhelm business owner moms and simplifies it. Whether you need to master small business marketing or how to promote your business, we have lessons designed with mothers in mind. We know mothers are short on time. That’s why we offer daily bite-sized video lessons that inspire action. There’s also ample opportunity to put the lessons into practice in your business and get feedback from the community. We hold your hand through the process while pushing you to do things for yourself.

Get the Support of a Supportive Community

It’s possible to see business growth without support around you, but you can go so much further with a community that genuinely cares. From finding a sounding board for your ideas to a safe space to vent, the Pepperlane Pathway community is there when you need it.

"My favorite thing about Pepperlane is the community element, especially the face-to-face interactions. Being a new mom and a small business owner is rather isolating at times, but Pepperlane has provided me with an instant network of like-minded, supportive women entrepreneurs that are facing similar day-to-day challenges. Being able to troubleshoot and problem solve together is incredibly powerful. I always leave Pepperlane events feeling energized, motivated and ready to tackle those challenging next steps with my business," Pepperlane Pathway student Kate Stella shared. "It is so vital for you to have a network like Pepperlane to get you through those down times. For so long, I have been doing this by myself and know I can't do it by myself. I don't have a family here and I find connecting with groups like Pepperlane becomes my chosen family."

Unlike courses that simply hand over the curriculum and periodically check-in with automated and impersonal emails with some fluff on how to promote your business, Pathway Pepperlane envelopes you in the power of a community that’s putting theory into practice and seeing their businesses flourish.

“The reason that our members are raving about Pathway is because they have other mothers that are helping them to achieve their daily tasks every day. We all want to get help, we want to be witnessed, we want to be heard, this is why Pathway is a game changer for all of us,” says Pepperlane founder Sharon Kan.

Refuel Your Inspiration

It’s an unfortunate reality that too many mothers feel the need to take everything on from rearing amazing kids to domestic chores to working a full-time job they don’t even like. And more often than not, mothers are lacking that village that helps support, encourage, and inspires them.

Pepperlane member Sara Langelier says, "I was sitting down on a Friday night with my glass of wine and I went to your site since a friend recommended it. I started crying while watching the video on your homepage because I was so inspired. I was so impressed with the site. This is what I have been waiting for. I was looking for this. And I love there is also a community. That is a piece that is lost now. We need to bring the village back."

Mothers need step-by-step solutions, a supportive community, and inspiration. It really takes all three to foster the growth and success you’re looking for. Whether you need a great business idea, marketing inspiration, or help to brainstorm a solution, Pepperlane Pathway guides you there.

"Pepperlane Pathway has exceeded my expectations in every possible way! Going through the program has grown and strengthened my business and practices. I have met some incredible like-minded women and believe there will be life long connections as well as business partners with some of them," Pepperlane Pathway student Nicole LeGuern says.

Land Clients

A business isn’t a business until you’re earning some kind of income, but finding those first paying clients can feel overwhelming and intimidating. It’s true Pepperlane Pathway breaks down how to master your small business marketing so you attract the right clients, but we also offer unparalleled networking opportunities. Many of our members find their first clients within our own community whether they’re photographers, bookkeepers, chefs, or social media consultants.

We work on how to promote your business, in part, by encouraging our moms to serve other moms and find their clients in our community. And it’s not just because we have an amazing community of talented and skilled women. We just know that if you want something done right the first time, you should hire a mother to do it. After all, moms are already adept at serving their families with quick and creative solutions while managing the demands of a household and career. All of their innate strengths and skills in the home trickle into their businesses for success.

There are dozens of reasons for why our smart, empowered, and driven community of moms want to launch or grow their businesses. But one reason remains universal. Member Barbie Lynch says it best, "I love starting my business especially for my two girls to see me not just as a mom but as an owner, CEO and businesswoman."

Ask yourself a question. If you don’t take any action, where will you and your business be by this time next year? Will you be wishing you were progressing and gaining momentum? Are you ready, instead, to start earning more money as a business owner and mother... with more flexibility and more peace of mind?

If your answer is yes, start here. Let's do this. 


Written by Team Pepperlane

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