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Four Ways to Harness the Power of the Pepperlane Network


Strong women lift each each other up and support each other through the complicated roles we play from business owners to mothers to friends and daughters. Our lives aren’t static and don’t fit into a specific mold, and that’s why we need a thriving community who gets it.  That’s why we’ve designed the community to be at the core of the Pepperlane experience- we believe that building relationships is the #1 way for you to succeed in your business. Not only does it provide you with a unique support system, but also the opportunity to learn from others and deepen your relationships with an audience that’s likely to be one of your top lead sources as your grow. We’re all in this together, that that provides a unique bond and support system for our business-minded Moms to grow their businesses and thrive.

Maybe you feel inspired by the idea of joining an enriching community, but how do you really dive in when you don’t know how to get started? One suggested first step would be to first listen and set aside 10 minutes to scroll through the feed. Soak-up the amazing support and kindness that Pepperlane mothers show one other. Our business-minded Moms are passionate about sharing insightful event takeaways to member-to-member “shout outs” to posting inspirational messages and job opportunities. There is a wealth of valuable information, actionable advice, and endless support to leverage in our network.  

It may sound too simple, but developing relationships within the community will likely be the biggest return for your business. You’ll get support, exposure for your business, and a place to bounce ideas off each other that you can take immediate action on.

Here’s how to get the biggest impact from joining us:

  Pamela Willsey  with member  Becky Mariano  Pamela Willsey with member Becky Mariano

“At my very first Pepperlane event, I met three people that I connected with and started working with them- I loved their energy and saw the real benefit in what they could bring to my business.”

— Pamela Willsey

1. Be authentic

When you’re interacting in the community, make sure that your personality shines through. Don’t be afraid to comment as if you were talking to a dear friend. Be honest, vunearable, and above all, be you! Remember that the more relatable you are in the community, the more other members will take notice. Give them a reason to engage with you and get to know you. Think of it as embracing your authentic self online. It ultimately provides an opportunity to build the brand voice for your business.  

Take Pepperlaner Shelia Callahan, for example, who says she lets her easygoing and approachable attitude shine through and adds, “A sense of humor is a must in working in the service industry.”

And think about the types of people you want to buy from and do business with. Customers want to work with businesses who communicate with them in an authentic way. We don’t want to be sold to by faceless corporations, we want to buy from companies that share our values and relate to us on a human-to-human level. So, the more your business reflects you and your personality, the better!

2. Give more than you get

It’s always better to give than to receive, and not just becaues it makes us feel good. In a recent deep dive into the community engagement numbers, we discovered that members who are moret active in the community are more likely to see traction on their own posts, and even more so if it’s also engaging. Take the time to get to know other members and engage with what they’re sharing--chances are, they’ll return the favor!

“In business 19 years, no matter what I’ve done for marketing, almost all my clients have come from my own networks and referrals from people in them. I am a relationship person - I love to meet people, find something I have in common with them, and help them with something that’s easy for me to do, like give advice or referrals.”

— Debra Woog


  Relationship building is my *primary* strategy.          -  Debra Woog    Relationship building is my *primary* strategy.          - Debra Woog

Simply being helpful is an easy way to build genuine relationships, and it comes so naturally to many of us Moms. Using your expertise and insights to help others can help you establish yourself as a thought leader. Members are also much more likely to keep you top of mind if another member, or someone in their network, needs the service you provide. Follow the lead of Pepperlaner Karen Katter, for example: “I try my best to be upbeat and helpful to others. My thought is if I can help you, then it will come back to me tenfold.”

(Spoiler alert: we checked in with Karen and she says that she’s seen a “huge increase” in customers since she’s been engaging in the community! Way to go, Karen!)

3. Be clear about what you need

It’s inevitable you’ll need some help on your business journey. That’s what the Pepperlane community is here for! We’re ready to answer your own questions and offer advice on our comunity page, and are the perfect group to use as a mini focus group.

But when you ask your question, you’ll get better results if you’re focused and clear on what you’re asking and what you truly need. Are you looking for advice? Some encouragement? A recommendation for another service? Other members genuinely want to help you, but it’s easy to skip over an ambiguous request that isn’t understood.

Here’s a powerful strategy we’ve found works well: Ask questions in a way that can benefit others, as well as yourself.

Remember that other members likely have the same questions and struggles you do. So frame it in a way that makes it easy for others to weigh in and benefit from that advice. Consider creating a poll that includes other Pepperlane members. This engaging technique can create more interest and response to your question.

4. Make it relevant

Pepperlane and all of our wonderful members want you to be wildly successful with your business. However, make sure that your question or comment isn’t overly promotional. Go ahead and celebrate your success with us about an amazing new client or product launch right on the community page. But several posts about a sale or discounts for your product and service may come across as disingenuous.

We’d love for you to think of the Pepperlane community page as a place to add incredible value; just like you would with a blog or an email newsletter you send to your customers. Go ahead and make our community laugh, make them think, make them want to know more about how you stand out from your competition. But in all of this, just be yourself. We need your authentic self and all your talents and perspective to grow an amazing community. We can’t do it without it. And as an added bonus, it’s also how you’ll stay on brand and on-message while building your own business.


  Pamela Willsey  at our Arlington Boost event along with members  Becky Mariano ,  Sairey Leone Luterman ,  Carmel Murphy-Kotyan ,  Cat Camara ,  LuSundra Everett ,  Robyn Mather , and  Lisa Smith . Pamela Willsey at our Arlington Boost event along with members Becky Mariano , Sairey Leone Luterman , Carmel Murphy-Kotyan , Cat Camara , LuSundra Everett , Robyn Mather , and Lisa Smith. 

“Come into the community with an open mind, and with the perspective that everyone has value. Bring your whole self, learn where you can, and help where you can. And while you have nothing to lose in doing so... the gains can be significant.”

— Pamela Willsey

With that in mind, we’re off to pop into the community and see what our members are up to. See you there?

Join our Community!

Written by Team Pepperlane

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