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Ever think about turning your talents into a cash flow?

Could I actually, really do this?
The short answer is, yes. Yes, you can.

All of us have a talent, something we really enjoy and are really good it. Our niche, our small little place in this world. For some, it is baking cakes. For others, it might be party planning, hair styling, cleaning, tutoring, taking a great portrait, or coming up with activities for kids. Whatever your talent, there is always a way to turn that talent into cash flow. But how do you go from baking cakes in your kitchen, to starting your own “home-baked” (get it?) business? 

Grab your favorite pair of slippers, settle in, and keep reading…

Let the ideas flow.

Start writing your initial thoughts down on paper. What will this service look like? Who will your audience be? What days/hours are you available? Will you be willing to travel? How far? Will this idea require a lot of cash to get started, or just some basic supplies you already have? Just get as many thoughts as you can down on paper and watch your idea, your talent, start to take shape.

Next, narrow your focus.

Once you have your ideas written out, start to narrow the focus and define the idea. Focus and vision will be one of the keys to your success. The more niche the better. Do you want to bake? Or do you want to specialize in birthday cakes for children? 

Talk to a friend. And don’t get mad when they tell you the truth.

Now that you have a clear idea, run it by a friend, your sweetheart, a family member. It is best to pick those who you know will be honest with you (and sprinkle in a few of those friends who will just tell you how amazing and brave you are, because we all need to hear that from time to time!) Now this part can be hard, but try not to take the feedback personally. Listen, really, really listen, and be willing to adjust your ideas based on what you are hearing. And don’t give up on it! Take the feedback and make adjustments, but keep going. It is easy to give up - and nothing easy is ever worth doing.

Think about the why, not the what.

Businesses are simply made up of multiple paying customers, who are just regular people willing to pay money for something that will make their life easier, happier. So really think about what it is you are offering. Are you baking birthday cakes, or are you giving an 8 year old girl her most memorable birthday…one she will look back on and share stories about with her own children one day.


The bottom line is there will always be a million reasons not to….all you need is one reason to say yes. This little idea of yours doesn’t need to be a multi-million dollar empire. It just needs to be yours. So when that voice in the back of your head starts asking “can I really do this?,” how will you answer?

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