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Communicating with Confidence: Create Your Customer Avatar


Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and think of your dream client.

They appreciate your expertise and experience. They’re so enthusiastic about you and your service that they rave about you to all their friends, give you a testimonial, and keep referrals coming for years on end. They don’t bat an eye at your rates. This is a powerful customer profile template to hold in your mind of that ideal client.

Now take a few moments to think of any prospects who didn’t work out.

They didn’t need the services you actually provide. They grumbled at your quote or asked for a discount. Maybe they acted interested then dropped off the face of the earth.

When we’re working on attracting clients, let’s work on attracting more of the “great fit” customers—people who just get you and can’t possibly live without your service. Your dream client. That’s why you need a winning customer profile template so you know how to market to that dream client and recognize their worth in your business when they show up.

Focus on YOUR audience

Marketing with a scattered approach gets a scattered result.

We create customer avatars, business personas, or customer profile templates to help focus marketing activities around the people you really want to reach. Your avatar is a starting place to help you decide:

  • What relevant groups are helpful for you to join (online and off)?

  • How to structure pricing packages and craft appealing offers for your audience?

  • What questions and topics would be interesting for your audience?


Create your customer avatar or customer profile template

A customer avatar is a description of your customer, or of the dream client you’re chasing. Think of them as a “semi-fictional” buyer: one person who’ll go bananas for your offer. This will serve as a customer profile template to help create that perfect avatar.

What’s her name? How old is she? (Not 18-45, but maybe 32.) What does she do for fun in her spare time?  What irritates her? What are some of her dreams? Challenges? What magazines or blogs does she read? How much money does your customer make each year? Does she work outside the home? Doing what? Be specific and realistic about every detail of your dream client to find the perfect avatar.

Search for a worksheet to create a customer profile template (this one is pretty good, if a little long), grab a cup of tea, and fill in the blanks with your best educated guesses. Don’t spend more than an hour or so. Leave it for a day or two. Then come back with a fresh mind, change any parts that feel off, and plug in any holes along the way.

Write to that one person

Now you have an idea of who you’re really talking to when you create your marketing messages. When you figure out who your ideal customer is with a customer profile template, writing your sales copy becomes 100% easier.

If I imagine that you’re Jenny, a 30-year-old mom of three from Dallas who’s trying to get a calligraphy business off the ground, I’m not talking to “everyone who might read this blog.” I’m talking to Jenny. Jenny likes to grill, watches John Mulaney specials on Netflix, and reads business books after the kids go to bed.

Don’t stop there!

Making a customer avatar is a good focusing exercise, but don’t stop there. Keep talking to people and stay open and fluid to changing direction. Staying strong in yourself, but flexible in your business, will take you a long way.

Looking for more ideas on finding the right customer? 

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