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A New Voice at Pepperlane


Dear Pepperlane community, 

I’m excited to share some news about an incredible new voice in our company. As you know, I co-founded Pepperlane because I believe helping mothers build their own small businesses would create a completely new way to work—a better way. We’ve gotten great traction and have a wonderful and dedicated team that wakes up every single day to work towards this vision. One thing that could make it better is someone who has already helped millions of small businesses get off the ground. Someone who figured out the success formula to help everyday people turn their ideas into businesses and fulfill their dreams, who helped businesses grow and succeed on their own terms. A visionary who can help the Pepperlane team put 40 million mothers to work for themselves on their own terms.

This person isn’t just in my imagination; she exists for real! It is my honor to introduce you to Gail Goodman, former CEO of Constant Contact. Gail has been working with me on a regular basis to help shape customer experience, product innovation and growth strategy for Pepperlane. You could call her my “business model whisperer.”  

She spent nearly 17 years at the helm of Constant Contact, a provider of small business marketing software, growing it from pre-revenue to a successful IPO and ultimately a $1.1 billion acquisition by Endurance International Group.

Gail not only has incredible experience, but she’s willing to put in the hours and meet with me on a regular basis. She asks me the most challenging questions, all with the goal of helping Pepperlane build a repeatable and scalable business model—one that will allow us to change the workforce for mothers as we know it.

Her experience growing a community 650,000 small business customers could not be more relevant to our mission of empowering mothers to transform their skills into micro-businesses, and I am truly energized and inspired each time I meet with her. I can't wait for you to see the influence she has on our company.

In the meantime, I hope Pepperlane will be your business model whisperer of sorts: a force who shares your dreams and your passions, asks you the hardest questions, and helps you build the path to achieving your dreams.

- Sharon
Pepperlane co-founder and CEO 

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Written by Sharon Kan

Sharon is a mother of two daughters. She built 4 startups that were acquired by Oracle, Microsoft, Infor and Barnes & Noble. She co-founded WIN, the Women Innovating Now Lab at Babson College to help female entrepreneurs start their businesses. Over the course of her career, Sharon has mentored over 150 female CEOs and business owners. One fact about Sharon that you won't guess: she loves to skateboard when no one is watching.

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