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3 Secrets to Help You Navigate the Ups and Downs of Entrepreneurship


Owning your own business is an exciting, exhilarating journey. Diving headfirst into the unknown offers a sense of freedom and endless possibility. But, when you’re still juggling a home and family life, entrepreneurship can also feel completely overwhelming. After all, you’re not someone who can dedicate every waking minute to growing and building your business.

It’s important to be able to combat the unproductive feelings that can arise from being both a new entrepreneur and a mom. Let’s dive into some common sentiments of business owners in our community as well as some strategies to overcome negative self-talk.

“I didn’t realize opening my own business would make me feel so isolated.”

You can have close friends, a supportive family and a robust professional network, and still feel unbelievably lonely in starting your own business.

While friends and family may ask “How’s it going?” every few days, there’s no way for them to truly understand how much you’re putting into your new venture without sitting right next to you every day.

So how can you invite others to join your journey? Build out your team.

This may mean going as far as finding a business partner who offers complementary skills and can be as invested in your business as you are. But this could also involve finding a “tribe” that can support you as you grow your company.  Our Pepperlane Coffee Chats are the perfect outlet for this kind of support. You could also try connecting with other members in our online forum.

“I’ve never done anything like this before; what if I fall flat on my face?”

Yes, doing something new is scary. Terrifying, in fact. But just because you haven’t done something before, doesn’t mean you’re automatically destined to fail.

Take it from Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx and, oh yeah, the world’s youngest female billionaire.

“Don’t be intimidated by what you don’t know. That can be your greatest strength and ensure that you do things differently from everyone else.”

Read the last half of that sentence again.  Doing things differently could be your superpower!

You don’t need an MBA to be a successful business owner. Raising your family requires coming up with creative solutions to all sorts of different problems. You’ve also been multitasking, delegating, and putting out fires left and right. If that’s not real world experience, we’re not sure what is!

Sometimes what the market needs is fresh, intuitive thinking that can present a service or business in a completely new way.

“I hate getting rejected. It makes me feel like I have no business as a business owner.”

After delivering newspapers for 6 years as a boy, a young man applied for a permanent position with Kansas City Star as a cartoonist, a clerk and finally a truck driver. Their response? No, no and no. They said he lacked imagination and had no good ideas.

That man was Walt Disney. And it’s safe to say he had the last laugh.

So what’s the secret to getting over rejection? Keep getting rejected.

The more someone says no, the less it stings. And the greater the chances that you will be able to stop taking it personally and start viewing it as valuable feedback.

We love this quote from smallbiztrends.com:

“Each rejection is actually leading you closer and closer to the right business model, customers, and partnerships.”

Check out this fantastic blog post to learn more about why believing in yourself, even in the face of rejection, is the most important step to any successful entrepreneur’s journey.

No one said entrepreneurship was easy, especially as a mom. But a can-do attitude and the right support can go a long way in helping you conquer mental blocks on the road to small business success.

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Written by Team Pepperlane

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