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The Best Podcasts for Business and Motherhood


Looking back, I hardly recognize my pre-mom life. Once I became a mom, one of my main struggles was reconciling that the ambitious, career-minded, and driven person I used to be was now relegated to finding success in simply doing a load of laundry while keeping myself and my son alive. (Forget about making dinner on those days though!) I felt out of touch with my previous world and worried that I wouldn’t be able to find my rhythm again, but yet I wanted to be present and focused on raising my son.


I realized that I needed to reconnect with my former self by finding new ways to stay in touch with the business world that wouldn’t feel overwhelming within my new reality. I needed a solution that would bolster my productivity and be really flexible with the inevitable interruptions and distractions of being a working mom. The solution? Podcasts.

Podcasting has exploded over the last few years, and I am so glad it did. You can find a podcast on just about anything and fit it into your life, no matter how crazy your schedule is. You now have the flexibility to learn about a topic at any time and anywhere (thank you smart phones!), and even discover a new interest in topics that may not have been on your radar. For example, thanks to Serial and some friends who are also podcast lovers, I’ve become a big criminal justice podcast junkie. (Who knew?!)

The only problem? There are so many podcasts out there, it takes some work to figure out which ones are actually good. There are even lists upon lists of the best podcasts for different topics. A quick Google search for “best podcasts for moms 2019” resulted in “About 1,040,000,000 results”. When I tried to search without choosing a specific year the browser couldn’t even generate results!

Since we at Pepperlane are all about simplifying and narrowing in on what’s actually going to help you move forward in your business, we wanted to share our top recommendations with you.

Culled from recommendations in the Pepperlane Community Group and from the staff at Pepperlane, we suggest you check out a few and see which ones resonate. Have a favorite you don’t see on our list? Share it in the comments below!

Looking for a podcast that will let you geek out on entrepreneurship and business? 

Side Hustle - Put a little hustle in your life with some great tips from entrepreneurs who have gotten rid of their 9-5 to pursue what they love.

Freakanomics - Sometimes you want to listen to something interesting, but maybe not on the same old topic. That’s what makes Freakonomics great. It drills into topics that you might never look into and will keep you engaged the entire episode.

Amy Porterfield Podcast - Marketing is not easy, but Amy Porterfield will help you tackle it. This podcast will not only inspire you, but will give you actionable steps to take to make the most of your marketing efforts.

Craving a podcast to help you walk through the challenging and hilarious moments of motherhood? 

Bad Ass Mamas Podcast - We all have a bad ass mom inside of us and it’s time to find it!

Rise Together Podcast - While this podcast is more about your relationship with a partner or spouse, that is often a very significant and real part of our journey as moms. This podcast will inspire you with witty advice to help your relationship grow to its full potential.

Wrapping your brain around this whole being a mom AND running a business thing? 

HBR Women at Work - The conversation around the workplace and women’s role in it can feel complicated and daunting. This podcast breaks it down with some real talk on parental leave, doing less dead end work, the wage gap and so much more. It is hosted by HBR contributing writers, so you always hear an interesting perspective!

Don't Keep Your Day Job - You should be doing what lights you up, and that’s what this podcast is all about! Guest entrepreneurs provide practical tips and advice to help you imagine what your life could be and start to pursue it.

MarieTV - If we weren’t already big fans of Marie Forleo, then this podcast seals the deal! It is funny, smart, and packed full of inspiration to start leading the life you love.

Claim the Stage - If putting yourself out there makes you want to curl up into a ball in the corner, then you need to check out this podcast. It is dedicated to women who want to get out there and claim their place in society! Time to get inspired.

Audacious Mamas - This podcast is run by Pepperlane Member Stephani Roberts and is all about inspiring mompreneurs! You'll get insightful, motivating ideas about how to make it work as a business woman and working mom. 

And, if you are wondering what the team at Pepperlane likes to listen to, check out these team favorites…

Sharon's Favorite: On Being - The reason I love this podcast is because it shows creative people from all sectors and industry with one goal: To help people better understand each other and create a better world for humanity.

Jess's Favorite: How I Built This  - I love How I Built This because it’s a great reminder that all of the companies we think of as being overnight successes had obstacles to overcome, especially at the beginning. Just because it isn’t easy doesn’t mean it isn’t possible!

Kate's Favorite: Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me - This news-quiz format gives a lighter take on serious news. It’s such a fun way to stay in the know while also getting a laugh or two in. My favorite segment is Bluff the Listener where you try to guess which of 3 crazy stories is real.

Diane's Favorite: Marketing School Podcast - I listen to SO many marketing & business building podcasts, but this is fantastic for when you only have 5-10 minutes (hello #momlife). Bite-sized actionable tactics that are simply explained & manageable to implement.

Rachel's Favorite: Longest Shortest Time - This podcast dives into really interesting topics and opens up honest conversations around parenthood and family.

Rebecca's Favorite: Business with Purpose - I found this podcast through a favorite blog. I love that it talks about how to make an impact by supporting businesses that are focused on making a purposeful difference in the world.

Looking for even more ways to find success in motherhood and business?

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RebeccaRebecca is a mom, wannabe entrepreneur, and perfectionist trapped in a chaotic world (aka the toddler years). Her background is in nonprofit fundraising and development, multi-channel marketing, and content strategy. As a new mom, she is committed to helping other working moms pursue their passions.




Written by Rebecca Huron

Rebecca is a mom, wannabe entrepreneur, and perfectionist trapped in a chaotic world (aka the toddler years). Her background is in nonprofit fundraising and development, multi-channel marketing, and content strategy. As a new mom, she is committed to helping other working moms pursue their passions.

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