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Thelma Newberger-Hirsch - Interior Design Coach
As a relatively new business owner, Thelma knew she had to think quickly about how to adapt her original business plan to respond to the Coronavirus-related shutdown. Her original service had been focused on supporting office managers and office personnel seeking to improve circulation issues within the office space. 
Once COVID-19 began impacting her community, she realized she needed to pivot. "Since COVID-19 has forced the workforce home...I can assist people to create a productive and social distancing workplace."
Thelma has found that staying true to your goal while quickly adapting has been successful for her. "The advice I would give to someone [considering a business change] is to see where are needs that you may be able to fill to be of service using your skills, even if you have never done it before. Be there with them as a problem solver."
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Stefanie Johnson - SwapIt!
Making the decision to shift Stefanie's business was an easy one. Her storefront had to close as a result of the COVID-19 shutdown, but she still had customers who had paid for services. So, she decided to sell clothing online, create a webinar to teach people to shop their closet, and offer a curated box of clothing to members. 
This out of the box thinking has helped Stefanie shift her business to respond to current events while continuing to provide value to customers. "All these new offerings will make us more valuable to our customers. We will be able to offer them better service and more convenience which we know is what our customer wants. And there is no point of existing if we don't provide a solution for a problem that is plaguing our customers." 
Stefanie shared this bit of advice for those thinking of launching their own business or pivoting to a new offering: "The biggest mistake I made - so the best advice I can give - is don't wait too long to nail down your perfect customer."
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