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Capturing the Right Photos for Your Business


When it comes to your marketing strategy, there are few things as important as great visuals. The phrase “a picture says a thousand words” has never been more relevant. Now more than ever, buyers want to have a meaningful connection with the businesses they support. 

Your visual presentation helps customers understand who you are – your brand, your style, and your story. The best way to differentiate yourself in today's crowded marketplace is by creating visuals that will immediately catch your ideal customer's eye. 

Luckily...we’d bet you have a pretty high-tech camera already at your fingertips 😉 

You don’t need a fancy camera (thank you smartphone!) to capture photos that support your brand and draw the right people to your business. Yet while technology has gotten more advanced and more user friendly in many ways, it can be overwhelming to figure out how to capture great content when you are a team of one. 

As a busy business owner (who also wears the “mom” hat all day), we know that getting the greatest value for your time and energy is important. Bad photos just don’t cut it. That’s why we’ve rounded up some tips (with the help of some fantastic Pepperlane photographers) to help you get beautiful brand photos.

(And don’t forget, if you’re looking to get some professional photos to add to your content marketing strategy, you can check out all of our Pepperlane photographers on our Hire a Mom page!)

Photography Tips to Capture the Perfect Shot

  1. Define Your Brand and Style First- Your business’s brand and style needs to be conveyed in the photos you shoot and will direct the kind of content you capture.

    Pepperlaner Randi Freundlich is a branding expert, photographer, and member of the Pepperlane Boost photography team who spoke to the importance of defining your brand: “Spend a little time identifying and describing your brand. Start with defining your style. This can give you some ideas about the types of photos you may want for your brand. In many cases, you can define your brand with just a word or two: modern, whimsical, elegance, edgy, professional, vintage, moody.

    You can also think about colors you associate with your brand. Thinking about this can help you find the best location for photos as well as what colors you wear (assuming it includes photos of you).

    An example: your business is a service for busy and overwhelmed moms. You define your style as modern, and you want your clients to feel calm and more at ease. So you might go with calming colors like pale green and lavender; you might find a location for photos with a clean minimalist style and lots of natural light (our ideal home?).”

  2. Pay Attention to Lighting- Lighting can make or break your photos. Not only will you want to pay attention to natural lighting and the positioning of your subject (whether that’s you, a client, or a scene), but you also must know how to use the features in your camera.

    Pepperlaner (and another member of our Boost Photography team) Katie Bourgeois shared this tip on the importance of lighting in photography: “Lighting is the most important aspect to taking a good photo no matter what camera you have. If you are indoors find a window with bright diffused light and try taking your photo there. If you are outdoors during the day stand under a tree or an awning so that you can take advantage of the soft filtered light. Avoid harsh direct light on your face or the object you are photographing.”

  3. Don’t Zoom In or Use Filters- It can be really tempting to zoom in when taking your photos, but resist this urge! Our smartphones, as fancy as they are, use a zoom function that doesn’t work very well. Instead of zooming, take the shot as is and then take some time to crop the photo. With this technique, you can craft a great, sharply focused shot!

    Pepperlane Leader Kelli Wholey recommends that business owners download an editing app on their phone to crop, adjust, and tweak on the go: "Learn to edit by hand and don’t rely on filters. There will be a learning curve, but you will have more control over your photos if you are editing them and NOT using filters. I use Afterlight 2 for all iPhone photos, but there are many to choose from. Ideally you want your editing style to be consistent for posting purposes, so focus on trying to achieve this when editing your photos."

  4. Focus on the Composition- If you can spare a moment, plan out your photos. While candid photos are great and you should absolutely take those “in-the-moment” shots, it’s worth the time to think through what specific photos would support your content strategy.

    Pepperlaner Christine McShane shared a tip about how to create the right composition: “Don't rush the composition. Take a second and make sure the background is uncluttered. A really good photo requires thoughtful composition. Always be thinking about what to include in the photo, and what to keep out.”

  5. Don’t Take Photos Alone- When planning to capture some brand photos, find someone to lend a hand. You can always use a tripod and remote, but it is helpful to have someone there to help test out some shots, set the scene, and possibly to use as a model. 

Photos can do so much to support your online presence and help you connect with the right buyers. Making the time to thoughtfully capture the right photos is a low cost way to make a big impact.

#1SimpleAct - Take some brand photos of your business!
Put these tips to work and plan some time to snap some new photos to use in your marketing efforts. 

Interested in getting some professional help in branding or a set of professional photos to use in your marketing? Our Pepperlane members would love to help you! Find all of our photographers on the Hire a Mom page. Hire a Mom

Written by Team Pepperlane

The Pepperlane team is a group of women who are leaders, entrepreneurs and mothers.

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