Company: Note-Worthy Experiences

Member: Renee Bordner

Service Description: We are offering Summer online group music classes for students of all ages and stages!  Drop in when you can for songwriting, songa (singing + yoga), beginner violin, beginner ukulele, vocal warm ups, audition prep, advanced theory, music history, in depth violin / viola practice, character development, or ear training!  Class costs range from $5 - 20 each. 


Deborah Brosnan - The Effortless Kitchen

Company: The Effortless Kitchen 

Member: Deborah Brosnan

Service Description: Virtual cooking classes every Wednesday at 6pm (and Saturday at noon if there is enough interest) on zoom. Every week we will make a different dish. This class is for all levels and children are welcome.  Virtual cooking parties are offered too for a more custom experience.


Jane Hirschhorn - JBH Tutoring

Company: JBH Tutoring 

Member: Jane Hirschhorn

Service Description: JBH Tutoring is offering college essay writing help for rising high school seniors this summer. We offer support on all parts of the writing process as well as helping students meet application deadlines. We also help with supplemental essays. 


Robyn Parets - Pretzel Kids

Company: Pretzel Kids® 

Member: Robyn Parets

Service Description: Pretzel Kids® is a nationwide kids yoga company offering children's yoga classes, as well as an online certification course and subscription membership for those who wish to teach kids yoga in their communities (or online!). We are offering a 30% discount to moms who wish to start a side hustle or career teaching Pretzel Kids yoga. Let us help you do something amazing for children! To get the deal and start your journey today, head over to Pretzel Kids and select either the 'Grow' or "Accelerate' course option. Enter in the code STARTTODAY at checkout for your 30% discount! 


Silvia Dubinsky - Fun World Language Academy

Company: Fun World Language Academy 

Member: Silvia Dubinsky

Service Description: Bring some positive routine to your child's summer schedule with this fun and interactive online program. Choose Spanish or French and study from the comfort of your home with our enthusiastic and experienced teachers. Best for ages 7 - 14. Only $59 per week or save if you sign up for all six weeks.


Diane Stelin - Plein-Air Art Academy

Company: The Plein-Air Art Academy

Member: Diana Stelin

Service Description: Diana Stelin runs the Plein-Air Art Academy, a boutique art studio that offers virtual and live classes and camps this summer. Groups are limited to 12 participants max and are always fun, engaging and informative, which is what garnered us a Best of Boston award! The studio also offers super popular virtual corporate workshops this summer so you could treat your co-workers or your employees!


Finhive - Sumeit Aggarwal

Company: Finhive

Member: Sumeit Aggarwal

Service Description: If you knew the story of your financial numbers, what decisions would you make? Assess your financial health. Let the numbers speak for themselves. Make informed decisions. Set up an easy-to-follow cadence. Let Finhive help you understand your financials. 


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