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Pepperlane Round-Up: Virtual Business Services for Busy Moms and Business Owners


In today's climate, it is safe to say we are all stretched a bit thin. Schools have been closed, activities canceled, playdates postponed...and yet we are still needing to work hard to move our businesses forward. It can be easy to feel as though there is simply not enough time in the day, especially for those business owners with children at home. 

That's why we've rounded up some incredible Pepperlaners who offer services that can specifically help you take care of your business, your family, and yourself. In today's blog, we are sharing Part 1: Business Support. We'll be sharing about family services and self-care support in the coming days. 

Pepperlane Round-Up: Virtual Services for Busy Moms and Business Owners

We selected each business below with specific intention knowing that you have needs for support in many areas of your life. Below are our featured members who can support you with your business. 

Business Support

  • June Hsiao - "I help businesses track activity on their websites so they can understand who is coming to their site, what visitors are doing, whether their marketing campaigns are working and how they can improve conversions."
  • Dionne Katinas - "I work with a variety of businesses to establish both an on and offline marketing presence through captivating and creative designs. I'm a creative person with a love for technology."
  • Emily Allen - "I believe that time shouldn't be a luxury and that through clear processes, simplified systems and rock-solid support in your business you can have more time to focus on your zone of genius, family, friends, and play."
  • Stephanie Audette Connor - "I’m a graphic designer on a mission to help small businesses build strong, consistent brand identities."
  • Nancy Zare, Rapport Builderz - "Using my training in psychology, I advise entrepreneurs in service-based occupations how buyers buy. I focus on the steps in the sales process:  to generate leads, follow up, handle objections, determine pricing, make a presentation, and ask for the sale."

We can all use a hand sometimes. If you need a little extra support with your businesses, these incredible business owners (and many others on the Pepperlane Marketplace) would be happy to help.

Stay tuned for our family support and self-care round-ups!

Hire a Mom!

Written by Team Pepperlane

The Pepperlane team is a group of women who are leaders, entrepreneurs and mothers.

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