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We’re Starting a Movement for Mothers and This is Our Secret

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Most of us have a vision of what type of parent we’ll be before we actually have kids. We’re confident that we can continue to pursue our dreams, while being fully present and involved in all the little moments. 

And then... reality hits, and just like that our plans to work and be the moms we dreamed up in our heads are dashed. After all, we live in a world where moms are expected to parent like they don’t work, and work like they don’t have kids. This is truly an impossible reality, forcing millions of moms of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds to make choices they may not otherwise make. 

There are, in fact, over 28 million moms out of the workforce—many not by choice. That’s 28 million, talented, skilled women who may be looking for more.

That’s why we’re committed to creating a movement to help moms build businesses for themselves, but not by themselves. Businesses that work for them, and on their terms. 

This vision is big, and we cannot achieve it on our own. The movement to give moms an alternative requires strong leaders who can cast the vision and build the momentum. 

Our Pepperlane Leaders have been entrusted to grow this movement to serve the millions of moms who are ready to pursue their passions. Leaders serve as guides to other business owners, providing warmth, wisdom, and business experience to help moms from a wide range of experiences navigate what’s next. They’re on the front lines to hear the challenges moms are experiencing, celebrate their wins, and thoughtfully support them to define their own success.  Pepperlane Leaders are committed to the idea that if you want to go far, go together, and they live this principle out every day in their own lives and businesses. 

Our leaders prove that moms can achieve more, and make a bigger impact by working together with other women in business. 

Pepperlane, hand-in-hand with our incredible leaders, is building a place that helps women turn their skills and ideas into businesses. A place where feedback flows from a community that has your back every step of the way. A place where you can tap into the collective intelligence of thousands of moms that have been there before and can quickly help you get out of a rut to save you precious time. 

It’s from this place that you can easily move your business idea from a dream into a reality. 

At our inaugural Pepperlane Summit, leaders from around the country spent the day together digging deeper on how we can better support our community through our collective leadership. The day was jam-packed with talks on our product vision, tools that make the most out of every minute in our businesses, and the many ways that our members can work together to give each other a Boost (and get one in return). But most importantly, the day was focused on supporting our leaders and equipping them so they can continue to build this movement from the ground up. 

Today, we’re sharing some of the top takeaways our leaders had from the Summit and the ways they plan to bring these ideas to life within our community:

Nancy Zare

“Personally, I plan to CELEBRATE each person more. I will look for the transformational moments that happen in our Boosts, call it out, and celebrate it with her.”

-Nancy Zare, Sales Psychologist and Strategist 

Jessica Miller

I was so moved by Pepperlane's vision and the movement we are creating for mothers everywhere. The concept I found most inspiring was the notion that together we rise. That not only philosophically but the data shows that together the impact is exponential. That as women we have strength, and together we are a force."

-Jessica Miller, Success Coach

Melissa Mueller-Douglas

“When we gathered together as Leaders, I knew I was in the presence of master minds. This is what connecting, engaging, and belonging looks like.” 

-Melissa Mueller-Douglas, MyRetreat

LuSundra Everett

“Pepperlane is a people-centered business organization. Everything is done with purpose and intent to reach people where they are and bring them into the fold. Hearing the product offerings that are in the pipeline let me know that Pepperlane is playing the long game, and I'm here for it.

-LuSundra Everett - Home Business Tax Pro

Linda Borghi

"Pepperlane will meet a mom right where she is, and provide her the tools she needs to reach her version of success. I have the support of Pepperlane to help all women. I am proud to be a Pepperlane Leader among so many beautiful women."

-Linda Messina-Borghi- Life Coach

Susan Trotter

As it is designed to do, Pepperlane helps my business directly. What Pepperlane also does is feed me in ways that have a ripple effect on all parts of my life, both personally and professionally.

-Susan Trotter- Relationship coach

Pat Peruta

"We as Pepperlane Leaders have the ability to reach out into communities and be part of something monumental. Collectively we have power to teach women, mentor them, support them, and EMPOWER them. In doing so, they can look forward to and embrace their future as successful business women!"

-Pat Peruta- Educational consultant and tutor

Our Pepperlane Leaders are our secret sauce in growing a movement to better support mothers. To celebrate these Leaders, take a look at the amazing services they offer, hire them, and share them with your networks.

Why? Because generosity is not only a critical component in supporting each other and lifting each other up, but also helps us come together and create powerful ripple effects that benefit all in our community and beyond. 

Check out our Pepperlane Leaders


Written by Team Pepperlane

The Pepperlane team is a group of women who are leaders, entrepreneurs and mothers.

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