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3 Alternatives to MLMs

Not sure about multi-level marketing? These businesses offer flexibility for moms, too.Creating a fun and flexible business model that works for your life — without the multi-level marketing.

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10 Ways to Optimize your Sales Funnel

When you meet another awesome mom business owner, what do do you?Exchange business cards, follow up with an email suggesting coffeeInvite them to go on vacation with you.Probably the first one,...

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For the Joy of Cooking: Becoming an Accidental Small Business Owner

Becoming a small business owner seems to often be either a lifelong passion or something you just fall into.

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5 things to start (and stop!) with your email newsletter in 2019

Designing an effective email newsletter is a low cost way to market to your audience. To maximize your time & effort, incorporate our newsletter tips to engage, and ultimately convert, your...

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How To Juggle Your Business, Family, and Personal Life from Work from Home Moms Who Are In It


Photography by Tina Padron
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Need a break? How to take time off from your business

You started your business so that you’d have more freedom and flexibility in your work-home life, but now that you've started, it seems impossible to step away for a vacation without losing...

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Lead A Life of Success and Significance: What 9-11 Has Taught Me as a Business Woman, Mother, and American Citizen

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How to Transform Your Service From Nice To Have to a Need-to-Have

You finally came up with that completely perfect website that you’re so proud of. But once you launched and opened your doors for business, you quickly realized that folks didn’t seem so...

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You Can't Pour From An Empty Cup: Why Self-Care Isn't Selfish

Remember those days before you had kids when sleep was an actual 8+ hour event, meeting up with friends resulted in long, unfurling conversations into the night; and you actually took care of your...

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Communicating with Confidence: Create Your Customer Avatar (with a Customer Profile Template)

Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and think of your dream client.

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