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1:1 with Pepperlaner Lauren Fonvielle


28_LaurenFonvielle_BrandPortraitsIn our new 1:1 series, we talk to women who are full members in our Pepperlane community about their business and how they use Pepperlane to learn, grow and solve business challenges.

Tell us about your business

I am an Energy Coach, specializing in EFT/ Tapping to help entrepreneurs reduce stress and increase profits. My passion is to guide clients on a journey of self healing to break through obstacles - physical, mental, or emotional - that are keeping them stuck and holding them back in life and business. I believe we all have the answers within, and sometimes we just need a little help accessing them. I am a former corporate marketer turned Energy Coach who has training and certificatio in various concentrations including Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), trauma informed yoga, reiki, mindfulness & meditation, and sound healing. I find joy in making the connections between science and spirituality, and incorporates this into my practice. I have been able to combine my over 20 years of marketing experience with these energy practices to help my clients get unstuck, and align their energy with their marketing plan to create the success they truly desire!

Have you always owned this business or what made you decide to start it?

I started my first business that was copywriting and marketing focused after my family moved from Virginia to Delaware, and I wanted the flexibility to spend more time with my children. The more I worked with my clients, the more I got to know and understand their pain points. What I began to notice was that their pain points were linked to their mindset - confidence issues, money blocks, fears of failure. It was at that time that I was on my own personal healing journey, and learning how to implement EFT/Tapping along with other healing modalities like yoga, meditation, reiki and sound healing. When clients shared their problems, I asked if they'd be willing to try something new that I had learned, and we would tap together. Seeing people begin to create cognitive shifts, that impacted how they started showing up in their business was totally eye-opening! I knew I had to learn more and went on to study for several years and get my advanced certification in EFT so I could share this practice even more effectively.

We as humans spend so much time trying to avoid the heavy feelings like stress, anger, frustration, overwhelm, sadness etc. because they are uncomfortable. We distract ourselves with something else, and that often works for the short term. But for the long term it always catches up to us. As entrepreneurs, it is so important to acknowledge our emotions, because when we don't, they builds up, which makes us feel stuck, and we can get be caught in a loop of negativity. I love working with my clients to break that loop, so that they can come home to themselves, and move forward confidently and build the successful business they have been dreaming about!

As entrepreneurs, it is so important to acknowledge our emotions, because when we don't, it builds up, makes us feel stuck, and we can get be caught in a loop of negativity.

We like to say that everyone has a journey to Pepperlane. How do you use Pepperlane as a female entrepreneur balancing business with motherhood?

I am so grateful to be part of the amazing community at Pepperlane. The women here are so incredibly supportive of each other, and that isn't something I take for granted! I love that there are mamas that simply "get it" and they always have such helpful advice.

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What do you struggle with?

There are days that time management can be a struggle. Connecting with other mamas, knowing that I'm not alone in that absolutely helps.

How can someone best work with you and what is your core product offering?

When I start working with a client, we typically work together for 8 weeks (meeting for an hour each week). I've found this to be the sweet spot in that clients are able to recognize the shifts and see the results in how they are both thinking and feeling about the main issue at hand. Additionally, I've found that 8 weeks is the perfect amount of time for clients to really feel empowered in their ability to continue these practices on their own.

Where can clients learn more about you or purchase a package?
Before I get started with a client we meet for a free consultation to chat and see if we both feel it is a good fit!

What's your favorite feature of Pepperlane Membership?

I love the Member Speed Networking events! They are so much fun and I meet new people at every meeting! I also really appreciate the one simple act that we do after a boost! It helps keep me accountable!

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Written by Team Pepperlane

The Pepperlane team is a group of women who are leaders, entrepreneurs and mothers.

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