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1:1 with Pepperlaner Kathrine Bright


In our new 1:1 series, we talk to women who are full members in our Pepperlane community about their business and how they use Pepperlane to learn, grow and solve business challenges.

Tell us about your business

I help busy women and moms live life guilt-free in a confident, strong body by creating an individual fitness plan designed with them in mind, without dominating every aspect of their lives.

Have you always owned this business or what made you decide to start it?

In 2014, almost one year after launching my business, I had an “aha” moment alone in my hospital room while on bedrest, pregnant with my second son. The fitness industry is failing women and mothers. Pregnancy through postpartum is a highly-pressurized time, and the problematic philosophies society places on women and mothers to “get your pre-baby body back quickly & at all costs,” to accept that pelvic floor, aches and pains are the prices you pay because you chose to have a baby is unacceptable.

There in my hospital bed, I knew we deserved better. I rebranded my business to KatFit and embarked on my mission to help educate and empower women to gain strength through motherhood by providing tools to redefine one’s relationship with their body and their worth. I specialize in postpartum corrective exercise through menopause.

Boosts help me problem solve and hear from other business owners. I find it comforting that others do not have it "all" figured out, yet we can all come together to help each other.

We like to say that everyone has a journey to Pepperlane. How do you use Pepperlane as a female entrepreneur balancing business with motherhood?

Pepperlane has helped me meet other like-minded women who are seeking to find a better work-life way. The group has been resourceful in helping me problem solve challenges in Boosts and connecting with other business owners through Speed Networking. I have been able to develop a strong network of female entrepreneurs that inspires me as well as mutual support.

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What do you struggle with?

My challenge is keeping the family schedules straight! I have two very active boys involved in multiple sports and play an instrument. Coupled with my training, a business, and my husband's travel schedule, I have had to work out systems to keep us all on track. Though, this is where I can work my magic with clients by helping them come up with ways to maintain their wellness despite a busy schedule.

How can someone best work with you and what is your core product offering?

I work 1-on-1 with clients virtually with my Resilient Women's Strength Blueprint. It is a 12-week program focused on the individual and helping them establish a wellness routine that allows them to live confidently in their bodies.

Where can clients learn more about you or purchase a package?

Clients can visit my Pepperlane profile or my website, www.kat.fit, to learn more and book a consultation.

What's your favorite feature of Pepperlane Membership?

I love Speed Networking Events. It is a great time to learn of other incredible female business owners. Boosts help me problem solve and hear from other business owners. I find it comforting that others do not have it "all" figured out, yet we can all come together to help each other.

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Written by Team Pepperlane

The Pepperlane team is a group of women who are leaders, entrepreneurs and mothers.

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