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1:1 with Pepperlaner Erin Newman


ErinNFinalBranding-04In our new 1:1 series, we talk to women who are full members in our Pepperlane community about their business and how they use Pepperlane to learn, grow and solve business challenges.

Tell us about your business

I'm a speaker, author, Money Mindset Mentor, and Soul Fire Ignitrix for women entrepreneurs. I help business owners to overcome mindset blocks to money and income so that they can truly do what lights them up in their business AND make the income they desire. Through a mixture of mindset and energetic healing tools, my clients finally vanquish the mind gremlins, follow their soul purpose, and create a new pathway to abundance, success, and joy.

Have you always owned this business or what made you decide to start it?

I used to be in the corporate world and when my second son was born, I quit to do some freelance writing for other coaches and therapists. I realized pretty quickly that I wanted to actually be the one coaching, so I went to life coaching school and got my certification, and everything followed from there.

My work focuses on helping people to overcome their biggest mindset blocks to doing what truly lights them up in their business.

We like to say that everyone has a journey to Pepperlane. How do you use Pepperlane as a female entrepreneur balancing business with motherhood?

I've been loving the Boosts and being able to connect with other entrepreneurs. In the last Boost, we had an amazing conversation and it really helped me to claim my new title.

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What do you struggle with?

My biggest struggle is what to make for myself for lunch and then for the family for dinner. Can Pepperlane help? :)

From Team Pepperlane: As much as we would love to help with this...we struggle with both of these as well. :)

How can someone best work with you and what is your core product offering?

My work focuses on helping people to overcome their biggest mindset blocks to doing what truly lights them up in their business. My signature program is my Abundance Academy, a self study course with lifetime monthly live sessions together.

Where can clients learn more about you or purchase a package?

People can work with me 1:1 or in my signature program, the Abundance Academy. Both are amazing levels of support to release those mindset gremlins like:
-But what if I fail?
-But what if I can't deliver on those results I promised?
-But I'm not making enough.
-But I can't really do THAT and make money.


What's your favorite feature of Pepperlane Membership?

Really getting to know other entrepreneurs during the Boosts.

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Written by Team Pepperlane

The Pepperlane team is a group of women who are leaders, entrepreneurs and mothers.

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