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1:1 with Pepperlaner Debbie Brosnan

debbie brosnan

In our new 1:1 series, we talk to women who are full members in our Pepperlane community about their business and how they use Pepperlane to learn, grow and solve business challenges. 


Tell us about your business

I teach virtual online cooking classes, and also offer online cooking virtual private events and virtual corporate events. My focus is on healthier recipes that are simple to prepare.

I am here to help those who feel like they are in a food rut making the same meals over and over as well as those who feel like they can't cook or just need some help in the kitchen. All of my classes and events are fun and interactive.

Have you always owned this business or what made you decide to start it?

I have always wanted a food business.

I started The Effortless Kitchen in 2019 as a personal chef business and shut it down with the pandemic.

The virtual cooking classes came out of the need for inspiration in the kitchen when we were in lockdown and making every meal from scratch.

I love teaching and sharing what I know in the kitchen with others.

We like to say that everyone has a journey to Pepperlane. How do you use Pepperlane as a female entrepreneur balancing business with motherhood?

In my case, my kids are teenagers and older.

I love going to Pepperlane boosts or seeing other members' social posts. It's a way to see how other moms are managing it all, especially with little kids. 

I like owning my own business for the flexibility so that I can attend all of my kids' sporting events. What I really love about my business for my kids is that I am showing them it's never too late to follow your passion and reinvent yourself. Your college major is not the be all end all decision.

What I really love about my business for my kids is that I am showing them it's never too late to follow your passion and reinvent yourself

What do you struggle with?

I feel like doing all of the things on my own for my business is my biggest struggle.

Being part of Pepperlane has introduced me to women who are specialists in their areas and give great advice on social media and during boosts.

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I also have a great referral network for when someone is looking for help in their business.

How can someone best work with you and what is your core product offering?

I am here for you if you are looking for a little help in the kitchen or if you are looking for a fun virtual event for your family and friends or even your clients.

My live cooking classes are on Saturdays at 1pm EST and I also have recorded classes.

Where can clients learn more about you or purchase a package?

They can check out my profile on Pepperlane. My classes are $30 each or you can buy a class pack and save.

My current menu is on my website and I release new menus quarterly.


What is your favorite feature of Pepperlane membership?

I love the Boosts. The support that every woman is there offers to other feels amazing and really makes a difference in my business.

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Written by Team Pepperlane

The Pepperlane team is a group of women who are leaders, entrepreneurs and mothers.

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