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1:1 with Pepperlaner Angela Hall


Angela Hall Member FeatureIn our new 1:1 series, we talk to women who are full members in our Pepperlane community about their business and how they use Pepperlane to learn, grow and solve business challenges.

Tell us about your business

I'm the owner of Friar Tuck Home, a provider of holistic design services for busy moms.

I help busy moms (like those with kids who treat their family room as their personal wrestling ring and smear who-knows-what on their walls!) - balance the beautiful with the functional.

It's my hope that my clients can work with me to create an environment that works for their day-to-day and achieves a better sense of peace in their homes.

With my help, moms can walk away from the inner voice that says, "with kids, I can't have nice things in my home."

Have you always owned this business or what made you decide to start it?

I've been in business since October 2019. I actually walked away from a 10 year career in higher education.

I've always been a creative soul and interior design has always been a passion of mine.

After a series of my own personal medical issues, as well as the death of a family friend who passed away at 19, I realized life was too short to not be doing what I truly love. I walked away from my job in August 2018 to go to school full-time and never looked back!

Coming from working a 9 to 5 and struggling to balance my career and motherhood, it is refreshing to be a part of a group of like-minded women at Pepperlane who know what it's like to be out on my own"

We like to say that everyone has a journey to Pepperlane. How do you use Pepperlane as a female entrepreneur balancing business with motherhood?

Pepperlane was actually the very first networking group I joined once I started my business. I saw an ad pop up on my Instagram feed and was intrigued. I love attending the monthly Boosts to get a variety of perspectives on a business challenge I'm facing.

I've been fortunate to build some amazing business relationships and friendships because of the connections I've made through Pepperlane.

Coming from working a 9 to 5 and struggling to balance my career and motherhood, it was refreshing to be a part of a group of like-minded women who just know what it's like to be out on my own.

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What do you struggle with?

I think one of the biggest challenges I have as a mom is work-life balance - especially when it comes to my son. I found myself working through the whole summer while he was off from school last year. Needless to say, his summer wasn't the most exciting and I felt incredibly guilty not giving myself the flexibility to work in days during the week where we could go out and spend quality time together.

Because of a workshop offered by fellow Pepperlane member, Jessica Miller, I was able to better prepare myself to take time off during the holidays and be intentional in taking my son's April vacation off.

How can someone best work with you and what is your core product offering?

I meet the moms I work with where they're at. I can help them if they need help with one room in their home or their entire house. I also offer to take on all the heavy lifting (literally) and will handle the design, the procurement of furnishings, and installation. All they need to do is choose what they want to see in their home and walk into their new space!

Where can clients learn more about you or purchase a package?

The majority of my services are charged through a project fee based on the overall scope of work. I start with all potential clients by booking a free home design coffee chat where I learn a little more about their project and determine if it is a full-service project or if a package is going to meet their needs. Moms can check out my profile on Pepperlane to learn more. 

What's your favorite feature of Pepperlane Membership?

1. Boosts - I always walk away with an idea to move my business forward!

2. Member Speed Networking - I'm always shocked at how fast 5-6 minutes talking with another member flies by!

3. Member Profile - It's helped me in ranking high in Google searches when someone is looking for interior design services in my area.

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Written by Team Pepperlane

The Pepperlane team is a group of women who are leaders, entrepreneurs and mothers.

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