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Spending Too Much Time and Money on Marketing?


Let’s set the scene: You’ve taken a big step and launched a business that fits into your #momlife. You’re pumped about setting out on your own and you’ve got some great people cheering you on. You launch your business and start trying to attract customers and…crickets. 

Marketing and enticing the right buyer can be one of the hardest things about launching and trying to grow your own business. Of course it would be nice to have an unlimited marketing budget (not to mention uninterrupted time) to get your message out to the world, but that’s just not the reality for most moms because our time and resources are limited. Between school pickups, unexpected sick days, and having dinner ready before the kids get hangry, you don’t have a lot of time to spend on a marketing strategy. That’s why it’s important to focus on strategies that will really make an impact for your business and, ideally, cost very little time and money. 

Our community tells us all the time that they feel overwhelmed by the myriad of different marketing options, and we get it. It can be hard to focus on what matters. That’s why we recommend using the time you’ve got to focus on marketing strategies where you can see quick value while staying focused on what matters most: your customers. 

Try these 5 Low Cost Marketing Strategies

Here are our top 5 low cost marketing strategies for moms who are looking to elevate their business strategy this year:

  1. Perfect your pitch - What is it you do differently (and better) than anyone else? What makes your offering unique? Concisely sharing your business vision is key to grabbing the attention of your ideal customer. Your pitch should include a simple explanation of what service(s) you offer, the value you provide to your ideal clients, and telling prospects the next step they can take to work with you, or learn more about you. Without a clear pitch, you lose the attention of your audience and prospective buyers. Best way to get there? Practice!

    Here’s a great template* to help you craft your own pitch: "Hi, My name is ___________ and I run _________(COMPANY). By _____________(SERVICE OFFERED), I help ___________(TARGET AUDIENCE) _____________(SOLVE PROBLEM) and then achieve_______________(LONG TERM GOAL).”

    Example: "Hi, my name is Katie Krop, and I run ‘Closet Cleanse.’ By offering home organization, I help busy families organize their homes and reduce clutter to cut down on cleaning and create more time for one another.

    *This template is based upon principles developed by Pepperlane member Victoria Dew.

  2. Just take the photo!- Capturing photos (and videos) while you’re doing what you do is a great way to produce engaging content. Clients want to see how you do what you do, especially if the before and after results are inspiring! When you give them a glimpse into how you operate, what your process looks like, and what the result will be, you get them warmed up and excited to work with you.

    We recommend making the time to take photos with your phone (they don’t have to be perfect!) so you have impactful content to share regularly. And, if you’re able to, you can check out some of the amazing Pepperlane photographers who can help you get a set of high-quality marketing photos to use.

    Curious to learn more about building the right content for your brand? We recently hosted an Ask Me Anything in our Facebook community group on that exact topic!

  3. Stay in touch- Remember that great person you spoke to a few months, or even a year ago that wasn’t quite ready to work with you? She may need you now! Staying in touch and top of mind is important. One great way to do so is by sending out consistent and valuable information via email, that helps you continue to build trust and credibility around your services.

    A great way to do this is by keeping a document of all the potential customers you want to follow up with and setting a simple reminder in your calendar to check-in with a personal message in 3 months. You can also ask people you speak with if they’d like to be added to your email list to stay in touch.

  4. Follow the 1 action rule- While it can be tempting to add in multiple links and actions when you email your list, we’ve seen that the business owners who keep their emails crisp and direct, with only one CTA (call to action), have higher engagement. Why? Because the reader knows exactly what the email is about and the action they should take after reading it.

    This advice goes for printed marketing materials too. For example, some of our members attend a lot of networking events (including several Boost mini-mastermind sessions!). One member shared an idea to print a simple postcard with key information about what you do, who it’s for, and how the person can get started. This may be a 30-minute consultation call, or a small add-on service, anything that inspires someone to take action now.

  5. Ask clients to share the love- If you have a happy client, don’t be shy in asking them to share their experience with friends. Word of mouth will always be a free and 100% effective marketing tool that business owners rarely make time for. The best time to ask for a referral is shortly after the work is completed. And don’t forget, if you have a happy client, ask right away for a referral! You may get some referrals naturally, but it’s important to not miss out on an opportunity to connect with a client who has had a particularly positive experience.

    A great way to stay on top of referral requests is to create a template and set a reminder in your calendar to send the note as soon as the project ends. By doing so, you create a streamlined part of your process that doubles as marketing!

#1SimpleAct - This week, make a commitment to trying one of these tips. A great place to start is with your pitch, using the formula in number one to clarify who you are and what you do. Or, take one imperfect photo today on your favorite platform. Just get started! 

We’d love to hear your favorite low cost marketing strategies. Head over to our private Facebook community group to share what works for you, and learn what other moms in business are doing. 

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Written by Team Pepperlane

The Pepperlane team is a group of women who are leaders, entrepreneurs and mothers.

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