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4 Questions to Ask to Get Better at Sales


You’ve done it. You’ve increased your web traffic by 200%.  All mere mortals must bow down before you. You are a marketing goddess. You eat SEO for breakfast. You are on cloud nine and are dutifully waiting for new sales to start rolling in.

And yet, somehow, nothing is happening. There’s no new sales. You check your traffic and confirm: yes, your web views are doubled. You help your kids solve some crisis involving stolen dinosaurs.

You check the website again: Nothing. It all should be working, and yet it’s not. Why? Is it your keywords? Your SEO bids? Your facebook ads? Your mind starts to spiral into a million reasons why.

But the answer might be easier than you think, because increased traffic isn’t necessarily the key to success in sales it’s conversion of the potential customers you already have.

Why does conversion matter so much?

As a mother, you fundamentally understand this concept but might not know it: You can bring a toddler to the table, but you can’t always make them eat the nutritiously balanced meal you’ve prepared (and in reality, might even serve them a full dinner exclusively of teddy grahams. No judgment).

Same with your website. You might be getting lots of page views. But making those page views turn into a purchase is an entirely different beast.

If you’ve been focusing on traffic and not sales, you’re not alone.  I’ve been teaching our free Close More Customers webinar on the key to success in sales to dozens of businesswomen and was shocked to learn that…

Over 90% of them:

  • Do not have a system to follow-up with their potential customers.

  • Do not measure their conversion rates.

  • Do not test ways to improve their conversion rates. 

Before you despair and worry that your traffic-focus has been for nothing, there’s actually good news here. Doubling your conversion rate can be easier than doubling your traffic. And most importantly, it can be FAR more profitable. 

Start by asking yourself these questions:

  • Do you have a solid understanding of what a potential customer needs to learn before they’re ready to purchase?

  • Do you know when customers are most likely to buy your service?

  • If you get the infamous “not the right time” response from a potential customer, do you have a series of follow-ups setup for them in the future?

  • Do you have a light and easy way for your customers to provide you a testimonial? And refer you to others?

If you have more than one “no” in the above, that simply means you’re falling into a common pattern of human nature. Often times it can seem easier (or even fun) to tackle new problems rather than dig into nitty gritty long term work.

It's why I convince myself that a fad diet will work when in reality, I should probably just stick with keeping my calories in check and actually eat my 5-7 fruits and vegetables a day.  The same is true of your website: focusing on web traffic can seem more appealing than doing the foundational work of understanding how your customers tick.

But there is a happy medium here of foundational work that’s still easy but effective.   

First up, post at least 5 publicly referenceable client testimonials on your website.  This shows you that you’ve already done the hard work to create raving fans, which is the most important foundational work you can do in your business. And if you’re having a hard time getting testimonials, ask your customers, “what’s one thing that I can do better in my business?” That gives you real feedback to better your business so that your next customer will be a loyal fan.

Untitled design (4)

Already have testimonials? Nice work! Next focus on really understanding what triggers your potential customers to want to work with you.  Stay curious around uncovering what series of steps or events need to occur before they’re ready to purchase.

What do they need to see before they give you their vote of confidence of pulling out their wallet to work with you?  

Does all of this sound good, but you’re still stuck on exactly where to start?  I have some good news. For a limited time, I'm hosting a FREE live 30 min Close More Customers webinar to help you figure out the best place to start and find your individual key to success in sales.

As for tips for getting a toddler to eat dinner?  We’re still working on that….

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Written by Kate Keough

Loves building, helping build, and swinging for the fences. Former COO at Paint Nite, which claimed Inc's #2 spot with 36k% growth. She consults with a number of early stage startups in an advisory capacity. Oldest of 6 children who has always looked up to her mother.

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