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How to Setup an Email Filter

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Before we start, a quick note on why this is important. Studies have shown that responding to a new lead within FIVE minutes is 100 times more effective than replying in just 30 minutes. Setting up an email filter is a great way to make sure your leads stand out so you can respond as quickly as possible.

To setup an email filter in Gmail, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Then Filters and Blocked Addresses
  3. Then Create a New Filter
    1. If your leads generally have certain words in the subject line, like “General Inquiry”, you can set the filter to search based on “has the words…”
  4. Then select Apply the Label for your folder name (we use the creative title **HOT LEADS**). And you are done!

To setup an email filter in Outlook, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Rules
  2. Then Create Rule
  3. You’ll have a couple of options for how to filter based on your rule, and you need to choose whatever makes sense.
    1. Again, if you leads generally have certain words in the subject line, like “General Inquiry”, you can select the checkbox for “Subject Contains” and put your selected words in the adjacent text box.
  4. Then in the Do the Following section, you’ll want to select Move Item to Folder, then select the folder that you want these messages to go to.
  5. Then select OK to save your rule, and you are done! 

Outlook 1

Outlook 2

Credit for Outlook screenshots: Microsoft Office Support

Now that you’ve set this up, you can easily just glance at your inbox to know if anyone needs an immediate response.

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Written by Kate Keough

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