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VentureFizz Podcast Talks With Gail Goodman, Chief Product Officer at Pepperlane


Pepperlane's Chief Product Officer Gail Goodman recently spoke with Keith Cline on the VentureFizz podcast about her career path, her previous role as CEO of Constant Contact, and why she's so excited about Pepperlane's mission to help mothers build successful businesses.

"We are changing lives; we are changing economic outcomes; we are allowing moms to say 'I want to run a business, AND I want to be home when my kids get home.' And there is nothing wrong with those choices... I just got so excited about that because I have seen so many women not feel like they have a path that lets them fulfill their professional ambitions and be the parent they want to be."

Gail is best known for her tenure as CEO of the online marketing firm Constant Contact, which she shepherded from pre-product to a successful IPO to a $1B acquisition by Endurance International Group.

In May this year, Gail officially joined the Pepperlane team as Chief Product Officer. Pepperlane is on a mission to help mothers build successful businesses and become entrepreneurs on their own terms.

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Written by Team Pepperlane

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