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Gail Goodman Joins Pepperlane Team

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Pepperlane, a SaaS-enabled marketplace inspiring an entrepreneurial revolution among stay-at-home mothers, has welcomed tech titan Gail Goodman to its team. The company has secured $4 million in venture capital from early-stage venture capital firm True Ventures. These developments will accelerate Boston-based Pepperlane’s mission of creating a platform where women can be great mothers and successful business owners.

Goodman, who joins Pepperlane as Chief Product Officer and Co-founder, is best known for her work as CEO of the online marketing firm Constant Contact, which she grew from pre-product to helping over 650,000 small businesses grow by building simple, easy, and affordable marketing tools.

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On the road of life, mothers typically have a choice between just two lanes: either they work full-time or stay at home and raise their children. Pepperlane is offering a third lane more catered to be more flexible with their busy lifestyles. Conceived and built by successful entrepreneurs and mothers, Pepperlane provides personalized training, tools, community support and a marketplace to create and grow businesses that fit their schedules. With an estimated 24 million mothers ignored in today’s labor force, Pepperlane has the potential to unlock $150 billion in economic value.  

“Pepperlane is enabling mothers to prioritize parenting and have a business of their own,” said Goodman. “We are on a mission to help create millions of businesses and help millions of women create their own definition of success. Being a part of this formidable team of female entrepreneurs on this incredible mission was irresistible!”

This funding round is led by True Ventures with participation from Broadway Angels, AmplifyHer Ventures, and initial investor, Accomplice.

“Mothers shouldn’t have to choose between having a meaningful career and staying at home with their children,” said Ann Crady Weiss, partner at True Ventures and co-founding CEO of Hatch Baby. “Pepperlane’s empowering platform offers an incredible toolkit and community for moms looking to build businesses and define their own success. This team passionately wants to help mothers put their diverse skill sets to work and we’re proud to partner with them.”

“This is a moment in history that we should all celebrate,” said Pepperlane CEO, Sharon Kan. “Extraordinary and accomplished women like Gail and Ann, along with a very impressive list of angel investors (both men and women) all came together from both coasts to change the future for mothers in America.”

Written by Team Pepperlane

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