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Today is an exciting day...


Dear Pepperlaners,

Today is an exciting day. It’s the day where my dream has turned into a sweet reality.  What I am about to share with you will change the future of Pepperlane and the future of mothers across the world...  

I am proud of what we have created so far at Pepperlane. But we’re just at the very beginning of what I see we need to make it possible for every mother to pursue her passion and make an income based on her terms. We will need more superpower capabilities and firepower to make this vision a reality.

Because we’re not just working on providing an option that makes you feel good about the work that you do... We’re not just building a community who leads with generosity to meet you on your less than best days. We’re building a movement. One that raises the earning potential of every mom (and mom supporter) that rolls up their sleeves and follows the Pepperlane Methodology.

And we need cream of the crop talent to get there.

Pepperlane19-7163In the last year, you may have seen Gail Goodman on stage at our conference, or you may have heard her name as a tech CEO legend and an extraordinary leader that I am proud to call my mentor. As the CEO of Constant Contact, Gail helped 650,000 small businesses grow by building simple, easy, and affordable marketing tools.

I am excited to let you know that Gail Goodman is joining the Pepperlane team and will serve as our Chief Product Officer. This is the next chapter in the Pepperlane Story!

With Gail in charge of our product vision, you will continue to see more and more tools, features, and opportunities to contribute to your success.

I won't give away all of her plans but here's a short preview.  

Expect to see marketing tools that make it super simple to find new customers. For example, imagine a widget that helps take the guesswork out of what to post on social media.

Expect to see a marketplace that effortlessly helps buyers with their needs- making Pepperlane their trusted, go-to place for services (which is why you need a Pepperlane profile!) For example, imagine a matchmaking center that not only allows for your expertise and success to shine, but improves your rankings the more testimonials earn and support you give.

Imagine a platform where supporting one another is not only encouraged, but rewarded. Where we will all succeed together.

Gail and I met 4 years ago, I interviewed her when she was still the CEO of Constant Contact. I felt so honored to be with her on stage, I still remember that day, and I said to myself, maybe we will work together one day. If you would have told me that 4 years later Gail would join my company, I would dismiss that thought in a second.  The lesson for me is that I am the dreamer of my dreams. I hope that you will continue to create and pursue your dreams.



Written by Sharon Kan

Sharon is a mother of two daughters. She built 4 startups that were acquired by Oracle, Microsoft, Infor and Barnes & Noble. She co-founded WIN, the Women Innovating Now Lab at Babson College to help female entrepreneurs start their businesses. Over the course of her career, Sharon has mentored over 150 female CEOs and business owners. One fact about Sharon that you won't guess: she loves to skateboard when no one is watching.

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