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Why I Joined a Startup, but not as CEO

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Today more than ever, we need to create a culture where women are supporting women. This idea is uncommon in our society, especially in the business world and we think it is time for a change. 

When Gail Goodman joined Pepperlane, she was offered the role of CEO. But she didn't take it. She shared more about this decision in a recent Boston Business Journal Article

"After a 17-year run as CEO of Constant Contact, I had nothing left to prove. I wanted to turn my attention to making a difference in the world and giving back...Three years in, I was enjoying my work and feeling I had constructed a fulfilling professional life.

And then I met Sharon Kan and Pepperlane.

Sharon was empowering women by helping stay-at-home moms create microbusinesses, inventing an entirely new form of entrepreneurship. These businesses let mothers prioritize parenting and have meaningful work that contributes to their household income while expanding their own sense of identity. In our society, women who choose to stay at home with their children are often marginalized. It is time to change that and redefine what success looks like — Pepperlane is the way to do it.

...As the business model became clearer, my conviction about the business potential grew. I worked more with the team and I was drawn deeper into the mission. And then Sharon called one night and said, “It’s time. You need to come onboard and build this with us.” And then she did a very selfless thing — she offered me the CEO job.

...On paper, I should take the top job. But I didn’t. Pepperlane is Sharon’s vision...I believe she can take this company all the way. So why would I take that opportunity away from her? How does that build the talent pool? Or grow the number of successful female CEOs?"

Read the entire article on Boston Business Journal. 

It's time for a change in how women support other women. This is what it looks like when this idea is put into action. Whether you agree to mentor, advise, pay it forward, or something else entirely, we encourage you to find a way you can support other women in business and join our movement to ignite a change in our culture. 

Join us!

Written by Team Pepperlane

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