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Bloomberg Baystate Business Radio Features Gail Goodman and Pepperlane


"Pepperlane is helping moms...have a third option. They can go to work. They can stay at home. And now, they can be entrepreneurs on their own terms" shared Gail Goodman on Bloomberg Baystate Business Radio. 

Gail Goodman joined Tom Moroney, Joe Shortsleeve and Janet Wu on Bloomberg Baystate Business Radio to discuss how Pepperlane is working to empower women everywhere by helping moms create business that allow them to be entrepreneurs on their own terms. 

"We help [moms] take their idea, turn it into a business, find customers, and succeed by giving them online tools, by giving them a community of support and encouragement, and by giving them a step by step path to success."

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We see the Mom Economy as the next big thing for business. Will you join us in building this movement? Here's how you can get involved:

Written by Team Pepperlane

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