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20 Featured Businesses that Can Help You Get It All Done




With a million apps and unlimited screens all around us, you’d think it would be easier than ever to find great help that you can count on.

Sadly, that’s not the case. In fact, you may spend days digging through reviews and Facebook groups for the right person to help you tackle even the small tasks on your to-do list. And even then, you might not find what you’re looking for.

The good news? We have an entire marketplace of incredible (we’re biased, but seriously, they are) business owners who are highly skilled and vetted by our team as the cream of the crop.

Get Help

They’re so good in fact, that we’ve created a brand new opportunity, for just 20 hand-selected business owners to be in the spotlight, and we’ll be working together to create a “Blitz” of buzz to help all of us succeed. 

These 20 chosen business owners provide services in a few key categories that are very popular in our marketplace— home help, meal prep, party planning, and home organization. Together, we’re testing the simple idea that if we collectively share and promote one another, we all win! 

In fact, we’re doubling down with dedicated marketing dollars, and a ton of other resources to help these featured businesses shine. Why? So that more people like you can find the help you need in a way that’s easy, efficient, and pre-vetted by the Pepperlane team. 

Did we mention that we’re hand matching people who need help, with the people who can provide it, to make sure you’re finding the perfect fit for you? You won’t find that anywhere else!

Imagine coming home to clean, folded laundry, or a home-cooked meal prepared and on the table when your kids get home. Meanwhile, you’re able to read that bestseller you’ve had for months, soak in the tub, or maybe even start your own business!

How we chose our featured business owners

These 20 amazing women were chosen from a long list of applicants for their authenticity, integrity, and ability to wow customers at every turn. Each of them have truly shown up in our community to share what they’ve learned and in turn help other mom-owned businesses flourish in the process. They truly define what Pepperlane stands for and we’re working together to spread that mission far and wide!

Without further ado (we can hear the bathtub running 🛁 ), let’s hear from some of our featured business owners:

Home Organization Providers

Becky Bast - DeclutteristaBecky Bast, aka the Declutterista

Becky will transform how you think about organizing... by making it FUN. 





Bizzie GirlChristine Dorsey- Bizzie Girl 

Christine was chosen for the Blitz because of her attention to detail, range of skills (she can install closet systems as well as organize them!); and ability to collaborate with clients of all backgrounds. Working with Christine you’re guaranteed to feel like her #1 priority!




Emily St. MartinEmily St. Martin- Dots and Stripes Organization

Emily believes that it's important to help clients visualize their end goals, before tearing apart a room. She says, “The first step in getting organized is to sit down and figure out what being organized means to you. What might it look like? Feel like? Once you know your goal, it’s much easier to make a plan.”




Jennifer Gillette - The Loved ChildJennifer Gillette- The Loved Child

As the owner of The Loved Child family center, Jennifer Gillette draws on her background in parent education to bring her clients a unique perspective on home organization. She's seen in her own home how simplifying spaces can decrease stress and promote family harmony. “As a family of three busy teenagers, three spoiled pets, and overworked parents, my family and I were drowning in piles of unnecessary STUFF and realized that the disorganization of our home was causing more stress on our parenting. We knew it was time to simplify our home with less mess, less stress, and more love. That's the inspiration behind TLC Home Simplicity sessions.



Kristen CilloKristen Cillo- Streamline Organized Spaces (SOS!)

Kristen has a deep empathy for busy moms who do it all, and she loves helping moms to relax and de-stress a little by helping to streamline their home. Kristen says, "I want every mom to enjoy the ripple effect of an organized home, how it can improve our mood, our relationships, our health, and decrease stress. Every mom deserves to relax after a long day in a peaceful and tidy home and I am able to provide that for them. I always love diving into a good mess!"



LGN OrganizingLauren Newton- LGN Organizing

Lauren believes in focusing on solutions that the whole family can be a part of. "If you know where the mittens are, and your three year old knows where the mittens are, and you are both able to find and put away the mittens -- you’re more likely to stay organized. I love helping busy people make this dream a reality. An organized space should be able to be used and maintained by the whole family."



Meri Jo BierigMeri Jo Bierig- Meri Jo Bierig Home Organizing

Meri Jo takes the long view of organizing. Sure, you can change up a room in a day, but she knows it has to work for her clients in the long-term. “I help clients see decluttering as a way of life, a process they will always return to when they are ready to let go of the past and make space for new things and experiences to come their way.”




Rosemary ThomasRosemary Thomas- MovingForward 

Rosemary has been there understands how freeing it can be for her clients to have someone step in and handle all the messy details of a move, so that they can focus on more important things. "Whether you are taking on the enormous task of preparing your home to sell, moving, or tackling the clutter in your house, it can all be completely overwhelming.... where do you begin? I've been there myself as well as managed moves for both my parents and many friends. My experiences motivated me to start this business, to remove some of the stress from what can be an emotional time and making moving forward a little easier".



SwapIt - Stefanie JohnsonStefanie Johnson- SwapIt

If you've ever pulled out your entire closet just trying to find something to wear, Stefanie Johnson, owner of SwapIt, has a wardrobe solution for you that will save you time and boost your confidence. Her approach to closet reorganization and personal styling will help you take back your mornings. She believes that, “we deserve outfits that make us feel stronger, smarter, more capable, more beautiful. Every single day. Your clothes should make you feel like Wonder Woman. That’s why SwapIt exists.”

General Home Help (Cleaning, errands, etc.)

Cintia Leone- House Bliss CleaningCintia Leone- House Bliss Cleaning

Cintia runs House Bills Cleaning with her mother, who taught her the importance of a clean home. "Our company combines my mother's 20-year cleaning experience with my background in customer service and management skills." Client satisfaction is the measure of their success, and as a family-owned business, they are proud to support other women and local businesses in their work.



Lerner ConciergeDanni Lerner- Lerner Concierge 

“Customers are constantly surprised by how much I can accomplish in such little time. They realize how easily I can take tasks off their hands, so that they get more hours back in their day without breaking the bank. It’s the best feeling to realize at the end of the day that your to-do list is done, your house is clean and organized, and you can just relax."



Myrca Augustin Myrca Augustin- Massage Ink Elite

With the experience she brings from running her own massage business, Myrca is a natural at managing calendars and schedules. She started running errands and doing odds and ends for friends, and now her services as a personal assistant are in high demand!


Meal Prep Providers

Brinda SenBrinda Sen- Meal Prep Services

Brinda Sen wants to bring communities together at the table. "I deliver home cooked meals that represent cuisine and people in your neighborhood. I source from local farms and help you connect to your community through food."




Lauren DAgostinoLauren D’Agostino- Plant-Based Chef 

“With greater exposure from the Blitz, I hope to be able to serve more clients interested in plant-based food. Whether you are looking for a health-focused, flavor-forward vegan chef to create meals for your busy family, or for a curated dining experience for your friends and family, I can't wait for you to sample how delicious a plant-based vegan life can be.”



Tiffany CogellTiffany Cogell- Personal Meal Prep and Nutrition Coach

Tiffany works with each client to do a deep dive into your specific nutrition goals. She also offers "field trips" to the supermarket as part of her workshops to help clients feel more comfortable in the produce section.

Event Planning

S.H. EventsJennifer Shapiro- s.h. Events

Jennifer takes a very personal approach to planning any event and works to build trust and honest communication with her clients. This "sets the tone when tackling any event detail, whether it be managing an event budget, selecting the best flavor of ice-cream or determining the most effective fundraising mechanism for an annual gala." s.h events also offers custom graphic design for all your event branding needs.



Curley CreativityKrista Curley- Curley Creativity 

Krista started Curley Creativity to help clients bring their event ideas to life. For personal events like weddings or birthday parties, she works with clients to create a vision board of all the details that will make the day truly special. Krista loves to help tell people's stories, and she shared a quote that inspires her work: "Every great design begins with an even better story." -- Lorinda Mamo



M&M Elite EventsMyriam Michel- M&M Elite Events

With many years of experience in the events industry, Myriam Michel of M&M Elite Events has come to love that feeling of being the calm in the chaos. "I pride myself in capturing the client’s spirit to create events that speak volumes to them. We focus on your big ideas and vision to produce a truly unique event, where you get to be the host."



Rhonda GiarratanaRhonda Giarratana- Sugar Me Sweet Events

As the owner of Sugar Me Sweet Events, Rhonda Giarratana has organized a wide variety of events, from charity fundraiser events to birthday parties to bridal showers. Clients appreciate her professionalism, her attention to detail, and how easy it is to work with her! 




Lovely Events by VonVon Marie Moniz- Lovely Events By Von 

For Von every detail is important. And you won't have to worry about any of them! "I take on all of the little details that go into an event, so that you can relax, and stay lovely. From vendor coordination and guest services, to planning your after-party, I take care of it all so that you don’t have to. When I say that you don’t have to lift a finger I mean it, and that’s one thing that surprises my clients."


Fall is in the air and we’re here to help you get back to what matters with the people you love. Find the right business to help you with your to-do list on our Featured Businesses page

Written by Team Pepperlane

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