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Start Building Your Email List Today (And Why You Need To)


It’s a beautiful morning, the birds are singing sweetly outside your window, and the smell of freshly brewed coffee is wafting in as you snuggle on your soft and cozy bed (and cross your fingers that your children don’t wake up). What do you do first? 

If you’re like 58% of people, you check your email

Checking emailPhoto by Dylan Gillis on Unsplash

There’s a misconception among some business owners that email marketing is dead. We’re here to tell you that, in fact, it’s still very much alive. And kicking. And very worth your time. In fact, according to Sendinblue blog, “email marketing is frequently cited as the most lucrative form of online marketing – returning an average of $44.25 in revenue for every $1 spent.” That’s a major return on investment!

A strategic and consistent email newsletter isn’t just one more thing on the to-do list for small business owners. Instead, it’s actually one of the best marketing tools we have.

What about social media?

Well, when it’s working, it’s great. But one challenge for social media marketing is that the platforms are constantly changing which posts or advertisements are seen in someone’s feed, aka ‘those pesky algorithms.’ Just because someone has chosen to follow your page doesn’t necessarily mean they will see your update. Basically, the people behind the curtain are hoping you’ll pay to have your message noticed.

This is where email marketing has a huge advantage. Outside of spam filters, there are no algorithms choosing which emails will be seen and when. At the very least, marketers can be confident that their audience will see their email and subject line — assuming, of course, that the user is still actively using that email address. 

Getting started with email marketing for your small business

Email is an affordable and effective way to sell your service. In fact, you can get up and running immediately without spending anything. Starting on a free tool until you’ve built your list up is a great place to begin. Researching email services? There are plenty out there. Just ask our community of moms in the Pepperlane Facebook group. You’re sure to get some great tips from their wealth of knowledge.

Pepperlane Community Group

Building your list

Capturing emails is an important part of your overall email marketing strategy, so think through the best time and place to grab those emails from anyone who lands on your site or reads your content! A few great places to include an email opt-in include; at the end of an awesome blog post, as part of your online scheduling form, or a popup on your website. Even better? Try all of the above!

You don’t have to be a stellar writer or marketer to put out consistent and effective emails. Short and sweet often gets the job done. You can also outsource the writing to a professional writer, agency or virtual assistant. Done and done! 

Warm prospects mean higher sales

Email is your greatest selling tool, largely because people opt-in to the list and are welcome to unsubscribe at any time. This means that they know, at least somewhat, who you are and what you offer. Plus, they’ve opted-in looking for a solution to a problem they face, making them much more likely to buy. While that may not seem important, we all know that attention comes at a premium these days, so every little bit of awareness counts.

Don’t get deterred if you have a small list. Small can be powerful! After all, it’s really not about how many people are on your list, but also the relationship you have with them. The way that you make them feel. The value that you provide. Better to have ten raving fans than a thousand people who never open or click your emails. With a small list, you’ll get to create real conversation with your audience. In fact, the best sign —outside of sales — that your emails are really striking a chord with your audience is when you get replies from readers who resonated with what you had to say. 

Emailing your list can be fun and insightful 

Gone are the days of boring emails with zero personality! These days, small businesses can really have fun and get creative with their email marketing efforts. Make your emails your own and think outside the box to give them your own personal touch. Infuse them with your colors and branding, beautiful photos and gifs, humor, helpful tips, and information. Your customers will love those too.

A fun crowd at our Boost in Burnsville MN! Photo Credit: Jessica StrobelA fun crowd at one of our Boost events. Photo Credit: Jessica Strobel

Think about using your emails to help you create know, like, and trust factor with your target audience, and position yourself as an authority on what you do. Not only that, but each email will tell you more about what your customers like and dislike and help you hone in on your avatar. Take a look at what links they’re clicking to see what offers are resonating. If no one’s clicking, either the offer isn’t right, or your messaging could use a tweak.

Pro-tip: don’t sell in every email! Readers appreciate when you’re invested in their success rather than always asking them to buy, particularly if you’re selling to the under-40 crowd. When you provide a resource that your clients actually want to open and use, it keeps you and your services top-of-mind. 

Creating that value for your readers also builds customer loyalty and retention and before you know it, you’ll have referrals coming in droves! Who doesn’t want a little more word of mouth advertising?

Start today!

Ready to bump up your email marketing?

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Written by Celsea Jenkins

Celsea Jenkins is the founder of Grassfed Copy: nutrient-dense conversion copywriting and marketing consulting. Connect with her to learn more about writing copy that compels and sells, marketing, and the best healthy snacks on the market on Instagram @celseajenkins.

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