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How To Create Time For Your Business Now That School Has Started


By Anna DeSalvo

Here we are in a very not normal new normal. Many of us are juggling parenting duties, work, and/or businesses, plus now our kid’s school schedules. The zoom calls, help with questions, and seemingly never-ending to-do list can feel exhausting. Inevitably something will get put on the back burner. Let’s not make it our business.

Strategies and tips we can use to make the time for our goals while managing our children's schooling:

  1. The Social Contract: Creating a new social contract in the house so that the roles and norms are clear. This is the blueprint for how people agree to act and work together in the home. It may include things like what people need in order to work, who is responsible for helping at certain times, and what jobs can be allocated to each person. I have a template for this here.
  2. Establishing and owning our priority: Having a clear idea of what we’d like to spend our time on to feel accomplished is necessary. We can determine our main priority so we know how to create goals around it, how much time we need to allocate to it, and then how to structure the rest of our time to allow for it.
  3. Focus on behavior goals (I will do 1 live video per week) vs results-based goals (I will earn $$ dollars). These are the actions that are entirely within our control. Once we establish them then we narrow the focus. Whenever we are feeling overwhelmed or find ourselves not achieving: we look at obstacles, what’s getting in our way, and then also the scope, should we adjust it?
  4. Routines and Empowering Others. Create routines that empower kids to be independent and ask for help when they cannot find the answer. Something to consider is that in the classroom it takes six weeks for us to become a community and establish norms. So keeping the routine relatively normal, not rigid, but creating a flow of activities allows the kids to be independent enough that we can walk away more and more. 

Most importantly, we have to value our goals and time. We have to be willing to own what we really want to spend our time on and be committed to creating simple structures that protect it. This is why it can be so important to work with a mentor, someone who can guide us and walk along with us so we have support on what to do if someone says something critical and how to tweak things while staying accountable. Our businesses and dreams are important. Working to make them a priority even in stressful times is worth pursuing!


Anna DeSalvo

Anna De Salvo is a Productivity and Spaciousness mentor for ambitious women. As a former elementary teacher, she uses her knowledge of education to empower women to value their time so they can calmly accomplish their goals and still have the space to breathe. www.annadesalvo.com


Written by Anna De Salvo

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