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Why I Joined Pepperlane: CTO (and super Dad) Chris Quirk


I’ll never forget the day in 2010 when I was exhausted and sick, lying on the living room floor, barely able to sit up. My wife was traveling for her job. I’d just gotten our two young children— ages 9 months and 2 years at the time— to bed. 

That morning, I’d gotten them to daycare, then myself to work, (late after my hour commute) then left early to pick them up. 

As I lay on the floor, I thought a) I really need to log back in to get a full day of work done and b) How am I going to do this all over again tomorrow?!

That was the straw that broke our backs. My wife and I decided we didn’t want that to be our life. She really wanted to stay home and raise our children and we decided to go from being a two income family to one. 

After settling in to our new life— including adjusting our spending level to our new reality— my wife, who’s very entrepreneurial, started coming up with business ideas. 

To make a long story short, she started pursuing a twist on a meal-prep business. It was a great idea and I helped by setting up a simple website for her, then we started thinking about a marketing plan and how to get customers. Unfortunately, the more she worked on the idea, the more roadblocks she hit and we realized that it wasn’t going to work. 

As the kids got older, she started doing inside-sales contracting work and didn’t find it nearly as rewarding or fulfilling, but we enjoyed the flexibility and extra income.

I realize that this story is not unique. In fact, we’re one of thousands of families that face this exact dilemma every day. There are two options, either both parents work and feel like they’re pulled in a million directions, or they try to live on one income.

Being a parent is the hardest job on the planet. It’s a constant juggling act to get everything done that needs to get done and not feel like you’re letting someone down, including yourself. 

That angst is something I feel every day. I know my wife was disappointed when we decided to give up on her business idea. If Pepperlane had been around then, I believe she could have turned her idea into a successful business.   

Pepperlane helps busy families in more ways than one. 

For moms who want to start their own business, we’re their advisor, motivator, and marketplace for starting and growing their business. I saw first hand how hard it is to do that on your own. 

For overworked families (aka all families), it’s kind of like having a grandparent around; someone that’ll cook a healthy home cooked meal, organize the playroom, or plan that birthday party. 

When I was interviewing at Pepperlane, I heard a consistent message from the co-founders that has really changed how I look at our home life. They all said, “if you don’t have an emotional connection with it, outsource it.” This way of thinking allows us to take back control of our time and spend it the way we want to, doing things as a family. Not running around trying to get all our errands done. We’re constantly looking for the types of services that Pepperlane's members provide.

Once I heard about Pepperlane, I knew I wanted to be involved. I love the problem we solve. It’s a problem worth solving.

Written by Team Pepperlane

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