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4 Moms Share Their Business Inspiration — Their Kids


What drives you? Everyone has a different reason to pursue our passions. Recognizing what drives you is not always easy, but this deep motivation can truly be what pushes us to take action.

Becoming a mom can bring a lot out of us. It can make us realize what our priorities really are, allow us to dream about the future we want for our kids and set us on a path we could have never imagined. For some of us, it will inspire us to completely change how we approach work, and to rethink our preconceived notions about what it looks like to be a business owner.

These moms had that very experience. They were driven to make a change in their community and in their lives because of their kids.

Motherhood changed their trajectory in more ways than they could have imagined. We’re thrilled to get to share their stories of business inspiration.

Bordner FamilyRenee Bordner: In-home Music Lessons 

Renee Bordner used the struggle to find a piano instructor for her young son as motivation to start a business. “I started Note-worthy Experiences Music Studio because I could not find an energetic and passionate piano instructor for my son when he was five. All of the ‘good’ teachers in the area had waiting lists. Twelve years later, we are teaching over 350 lessons a week with a teaching team of over 45 instructors!”


SailajaNeelOjoVyas-103Sailaja Joshi: Indian Heritage
Children's Books

As we raise our children, business inspiration can come when we feel the resources we need are difficult to find or completely nonexistent. For Sailaja Joshi, this experience occurred early on as she was completing her baby registry. In line with her “library” themed baby shower, Sailaja went on the hunt to find books about Indian culture that she could share with her newborn daughter. Of the few books that spoke to her Indian heritage, Sailaja realized that none of these books took into account the developmental needs of her growing child. Recognizing this gap in children’s literature, the idea for Bharat Babies was born. “For me, one of my greatest joys is watching children see themselves in a book. See their stories, their families, themselves. It gives me no greater joy.”


image1-8Angela Bruno: Drop-In Daycare in Philadelphia

Angela Bruno recognized a need in her community after moving to the Philadelphia area. She had previously lived in Austin, Texas where drop-in daycares were the norm, and got used to counting on them with her oldest had doctor's appointments or when babysitters canceled on her. “When I moved back to Pennsylvania I was surprised to find hat drop-in daycares didn't exist. With the support of my husband, family and friends I decided to start one. With Pennsylvania daycare regulations it's definitely tricky trying to open a drop-in daycare, but I am energized by all of the support and interest I've been getting from parents in the area. Being a mom has given me great insight into what moms look for in a daycare as well as what kids want.”


23622342_290449088132061_4106614735788110250_nRenana Kehoe: Baby-Friendly Tours of Boston Sites 

Renana Kehoe of Parent Tours started her company to fill what she saw as a big gap. “My son cried a lot for the first six months, and other than new mom support groups, there was nowhere else I could go with him. Parent Tours offers tours of museums and other cultural institutions for parents to attend with their babies. It offers a place for parents to go and talk about something other than babies (and maybe even learn something new) without having to worry about the baby crying or being fussy. Now, a year and a half since we started, we’ve visited over 15 museums with over 100 participants and the list keeps growing!”

Business inspiration can come from a variety of places. And becoming a working mom can feel like a big leap of faith. But remember, your journey is just beginning. As the incredible Brené Brown said, “It’s a terrible myth to believe that once we have children, our journey ends and theirs begins. For many of us, the most interesting and productive times in our lives come after we have children.” This is an amazing time in your life. Let’s embrace it!

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Written by Rebecca Huron

Rebecca is a mom, wannabe entrepreneur, and perfectionist trapped in a chaotic world (aka the toddler years). Her background is in nonprofit fundraising and development, multi-channel marketing, and content strategy. As a new mom, she is committed to helping other working moms pursue their passions.

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