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5 Killer Pieces of Business Advice from Mom Entrepreneurs


Starting a business is certainly not easy. It can be difficult to know where to focus or how to stay in the right mindset to manifest success. On top of that, it can easily feel like you’re alone in these struggles.

We asked five entrepreneurial moms to share the most valuable lessons they’ve learned on their business journey. We love their words of wisdom.

Focus on revenue. 100% of efforts on bringing money into the biz - Mellinda Abbot


Mellinda Abbot is an accountant who works with many early-stage small business owners. She sees time and time again that many new business owners spend a lot of time (and money!) getting their business set up with accounting before they truly validate their business concept.

Getting accounting in order is important, of course, but Mellinda urges that it should not be the first step. “Find your customers and see if they will pay for what you’re offering.” Get in front of your potential buyer early and often. Validate your concept first and focus on building a revenue stream.

Your first priority should be to make a sale — then it’s time to invest in a bookkeeper or accountant. After all, she says, “If you don't have anything to count you don't need an accountant.”

Don't let anxiety get in the way of doing something. If other people can do it, so can you. - Justine Leach


Justine Leach, childbirth educator and co-founder of Resilient Birth, reminds us that it’s important to check in and, when necessary, change the messages you tell yourself. Have you ever let fear or anxiety get in the way of moving forward? (I can hear your resounding yes.)

Justine told us, “When I started my business I made a commitment to myself that I was not going to let [anxiety] stop me from succeeding. So now when I feel anxious about doing something I tell myself just to do it anyway. And by moving through anxiety and doing it anyway, I have found myself gaining in confidence.”

Take risks. Don't hold back. You are limited only by your thoughts. - Padma Ali


Padma Ali is founder of a company dedicated to educating and empowering moms to live a non-toxic lifestyle. Padma also found that taking ownership and control over her mindset has made a huge difference in her ability to dive into her work and grow her business.

“I noticed that when I changed my image and thoughts, it led me to be less anxious, less worried, less doubting of my abilities. When I made those simple changes, I started to take more risks and put myself out there without fear.”

She reminds us that this isn’t a one-time mental shift. We must get into the practice of reframing our thoughts on a regular basis.

The greatest gift I gave myself was to STOP comparing myself and my work to others. - Kelli Dionne Wholey


Kelli Wholey is a professional photographer and owner of Lumina Portraits, based out of Nashua, New Hampshire. In an ever-connected digital world, it can be easy to focus on and compare yourself to the curated social media feeds of others. Kelli realized that comparing herself and her work to others was not productive.

“Likes on social media don’t equate to customers. I began to make a conscious decision to stop comparing my work to others and spend more time on my business.”

Spending time on our businesses is what will move us forward. Instead of comparing her work to others, Kelli has found validation in the success she is having with her own work. “As an artist, I can love and hate one of my images on the same day. We can be quite hard on ourselves. I remind myself that my images have been quite successful and I need to embrace that more often.”

You CAN be both a really good mom and a kickass, successful, impactful, wealthy business owner. - Nikki Bruno


Nikki Bruno is a Comeback Coach for Women, and as a coach she understands that it’s important to recognize and change limiting mindsets that hold us back. She shares, “I was reading the book The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks, and he was talking about fears and limiting beliefs. I’m not sure which exact part of the book catalyzed this epiphany in me, but whatever it was sent a strong realization into my brain: “I have this limiting belief that I can’t be a good single mom and a fully successful, sole-breadwinning business owner. I can only do one of these things really well.

“As a coach, I know that one way to deal with a limiting belief is to replace it — to turn it on its head and state it in a positive, freeing way. Hence the belief that I am now imprinting on my brain: I CAN be both a really good single mom and a kickass, successful, impactful, wealthy business owner.”

The Takeaway

What we’ve learned from these remarkable mom business owners is liberating — that we already have a lot of the knowledge, power and capacity to succeed. We just need to find ways to access it.

Sometimes we need a change of mindset, and other times we just need to know the best next small action step to move forward.

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Written by Rachel Moyer

Rachel Moyer is Pepperlane’s Community Manager, mom to two young children, and an entrepreneur with a passion for supporting early parenthood. Her side-hustle, We Bloom, sends care packages to new mothers. As a working mom herself, Rachel has a passion for supporting moms who are building their businesses.

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