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Boston Globe: Busy Middle-Class Families Look to 'Household Managers'


Increasingly, the demands women face to "do it all" are making moms look for extra hands to help get it all done. The role of 'household manager' has, as a result, begun to increase in demand and is becoming an essential tool in the arsenal of busy middle-class families. 

The Boston Globe shares about this shift and how household managers are truly becoming crucial parts of the family dynamic. 

In a recent article, The Boston Globe shared the stories of families and business owners who are coming together to get the never-ending to-do list crossed off. Pepperlaners TJ Quirk and Danni Lerner, of Lerner Concierge, were among the featured stories. 

These excerpts from The Boston Globe article speak to the shift occurring for many middle-class families as many look to outsource as much as they can:

"Women are starting to realize that to get ahead they need to delegate to other people and that it’s OK and acceptable," says Danni Lerner, a Medford-based personal concierge.

Pepperlane co-founder and VP of Product, Jess Petersen, had struggled with hiring a household manager herself. At Pepperlane, we have seen "an uptick in women interested in becoming household managers, as well as women who need the service..."

“It would make life easier and better, so why not?" Peterson asks. “As a company, we’re trying to change this perception of guilt and this feeling of, ‘Oh, I don’t deserve this. I can’t spend money on this. I’m not good enough. I have to do it all myself’ — all these horrible lies that we tell ourselves and that are told by society.”

Read the full article here.

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Written by Team Pepperlane

The Pepperlane team is a group of women who are leaders, entrepreneurs and mothers.

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