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Best Time-Saving Apps for Mom Entrepreneurs


You’re busy keeping your family and your business alive and thriving. Your life and your schedule are full, and you’re looking for ways to maximize your time — and your systems — so that you can spend more time doing the things you love.

As a mom to a newborn and 4-year old, who works nearly full time and runs a business — I see you! And I’m here to share some tips and tools that can help you manage it all. Now, I’m not nearly as organized as the following list will make it appear (just being honest!), but I’m constantly working to improve my focus and systems and to find tools that can help me do it all. I know you are too.

Here are my curated best apps for moms to manage business and home life.

Task and Time Management

The first key to time management is organizing your time. There are lots of tools to help you keep up with your schedule, but the foundational goal here is to organize your time well. Organizing your time well is not easy! But if you schedule everything and maximize your schedule, then we promise you'll feel like you have an extra hour in every day.

We’re in the age of being constantly connected and interrupted, so I find it helpful to block out chunks of time that I will focus on specific tasks each day or week. This way, I can focus on the task at hand, knowing that I have time planned to do “that other thing.” 

  • Paper Planner: I know, I know, this isn’t an app, but I’m personally a fan of hand-writing my to-do list and schedule. Did you know that writing things down improves memory? I really like the Passion Planner as a way to plan out my schedule and tasks (both business and personal together). I can see my whole month and week at once and I can plan out and see the times I’ve set up to accomplish each task.

  • Digital: I often back up my schedule using Google Calendar so that I can more easily share it with my team and/or my partner. I don’t get as specific in my Google Calendar as I do in my paper planner.

  • Project/Task Management: Other popular apps include Evernote, Wunderlist, Asana, and To-Doist. Each of these allows you to share and assign tasks and notes, making it easy to divide, conquer and plan with a team or, your partner, or simply to keep yourself organized.

Food and Meal Planning

Why do we need to eat every day? Three meals! Even as someone who loves to cook, it can feel overwhelming to keep up with grocery shopping, meal planning and daily cooking, among little people (or big people!) who are cranky while hungry. I don’t always make the time to make a plan, but I have found that I’m more successful and less frazzled when I do.  We eat healthier too! It’s helpful to figure out a system that works for you so that you can spend less time thinking about what’s for dinner every evening and free up some important brain space.

Meal Planning Tips

  • Cook enough for leftovers a few times per week.

  • Make extra and freeze for another night when you make casseroles or soups.

  • Meal plan seasonally instead of weekly.

  • Have a couple of easy, quick favorites always at the ready.

Best Apps

  • Grocery Delivery

    • Instacart is my life. Maybe one day when my children aren’t small, I will grocery shop again but until then, I’m happy to complete my grocery shopping from my phone after bedtime. In addition, you can use Amazon Prime Now or delivery from your local grocery store.

    • Brandless & Thrive Market both are great online grocery options.

    • IMG_3947Produce delivery like Hungry Harvest or Misfit Market help keep veggies in our house at an affordable price. My oldest daughter loves to unpack the box every week and chomp on purple carrots while I put everything away. #winning 

  • Meal Planning

    • Plan to Eat helps you organize your meal plan, save recipes and create grocery lists from your recipes.

    • Bring App allows you to create and share grocery shopping lists.


I asked the Pepperlane Moms Building Businesses Community and our team at Pepperlane what the best business apps are. These are our favorites:

Best Apps:

  • Business Finances: Wave allows you to prepare invoices and track income and expenses.

  • Miles Tracker: Mile IQ helps you log the miles you travel for business.

  • Instagram Scheduling: Plann App helps you plan your Instagram

  • Photo Editing: VSCO makes photo editing from your phone a breeze.

  • Client Scheduling: Calendly makes scheduling meetings really easy.

  • Meeting Scheduling: Doodle helps you find what times your group has in common for scheduling.

  • Design: Canva helps you make beautiful graphics and designs, easily.


For you mamas with littles, childcare is likely always on your mind, especially if your child isn’t in full-time care and your schedule varies. Whether you’re looking for fill-in, full-time, or something in between, it’s important to have childcare when you need it.

Best Apps:  

Looking to outsource and/or find an expert?

Pepperlane is here for that! We have hundreds of mom business owners in our Pepperlane Member Marketplace who can help you with almost any of your home or business needs.

The overwhelm is real, but with a few wise additions to your smartphone, you’ll be wondering how you ever did without. The best apps for moms are the ones that make your life easier. There’s sure to be one on this list that’ll give you a little breathing room so you, your kids, and your business can all shine.

Have an app you'd like to share? Post it in the comments below or send us an email with your favorites! 

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Rachel Moyer is Pepperlane’s Community Manager, mom to two young children, and an entrepreneur with a passion for supporting early parenthood. Her side-hustle, We Bloom, sends care packages to new mothers. As a working mom herself, Rachel has a passion for supporting moms who are building their businesses.



Written by Rachel Moyer

Rachel Moyer is Pepperlane’s Community Manager, mom to two young children, and an entrepreneur with a passion for supporting early parenthood. Her side-hustle, We Bloom, sends care packages to new mothers. As a working mom herself, Rachel has a passion for supporting moms who are building their businesses.